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Kimchi and Kimbab classes in London

“You like eating Korean food? You love Bibimbap, Tofu Jjigae, Bulgogi and Kimchi? Why not try to cook them!

Kimchi is slowly yet surely taking over London as more and more people become interested in Korean cuisine and all the trendy eateries are trying to work the cool ingredient into their menus.

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Bang Out Some Cold Noodles

Bang Ga Nae: Duluth, GA, USA

My church friends and I come here a few times, mostly when we want to eat the korean “cold noodles” (냉뮨).   424 more words

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A-Hyang: Duluth, GA, USA

It is pronounced “eh-heeyang”, and it has some superb korean stews.  I am by no means a Korean cuisine connoisseur, but I like my food!   599 more words

The Gastronome

Korean Dak Galbi (닭갈비)

This always looked so good at Korean restaurants I go to. My favourite one is Joons.

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