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Eastside Korean Roundup

Seattle Magazine ran an article this month on great Korean restaurants around Seattle. Iris and I have tried a number of the restaurants on the list, with BCD and Hosoonyi being our favorites of the ones that we’d tried. 478 more words

Korean Food

The Gogi Gui Grill Davao Experience

It’s all over facebook… GOGI GUI… I’ve been hearing rumors about this new Korean Restaurant in the city.  That’s why last Friday (August 29), me and my two friends decided to try Gogi Gui.   683 more words

Davao City

Korean Food

It’s quite evident that I’ve had an obsession with the Korean culture lately.  It all started with watching some very addicting Korean drama’s  .  From then on my curiosity exploded & I found myself listening to k-pop music, enjoying delicious Korean food, using Korean beauty products , and even learning the language. 263 more words


South Korea - Danyang City

“There are no foreign lands.  It is the traveler only who is foreign.”  

Robert Louis Stevenson

The trip through the countryside of South Korea  continued to provide a cornucopia of splendid vistas, historic sites and constant reminders of how vibrant and varied is the Korean life-style.   983 more words

First Post! (Ugly Stove)

Hey there! Welcome to my blog where I’ll be writing about all the random things in my life from the restaurants I’ve visited to the books I’ve read. 815 more words