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Dinner and Apartments

July 26, 2013

Nayoung, Naeon, Sungrae, and I went out for dinner near the apartment. It was yummy, but I did not eat much. My tummy was not very hungry. 207 more words


school festival ilshin ms

Here is the school festival at the middle school I have been teaching at for the past three years. Great kids!


Essen Korean School

I wrote yesterday about discovering my two girls doing their Korean homework by themselves, unprompted by me. They looked absolutely angelic and quite content filling in the squares of their Korean notebooks and workbooks. 948 more words


Self-Motivated Third Generation Korean Kids Found

It is Ferien right now, school holiday time. My oldest child has been hanging out at home mostly. I signed her up for an intensive swim class which despite being only 45 minutes, seems to have hi-jacked our entire afternoons. 347 more words