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Korean Snack Series: 땅콩강정

A while ago I received a care package from my Korean friend 현. She sent me a box containing various snacks that she likes, thinking that it will probably be a while before I get to taste them in Korea. 186 more words

Korean Food

Ode to the hotteok (호떡)

Oh, why do you forsake me?

Just yesterweek I smelt you,

As I wandered to my abode.

Unhappily I had forgotten my purse

And could not partake in you. 101 more words


Americans Try Korean Snack Food

I can’t stop finding funny videos today.

Have you tried any of these snacks?

I also love ‘Samanco’ – the fish ice cream sandwich they eat last! 23 more words


It is a very good thing that we walk around so much, else I am sure I would have gained 10lbs or more by now. I looove the food here! 1,155 more words

Korean Food

Banana Satto Bob

Banana Satto Bob

A few posts back I had mentioned about perusing the Korean grocery store in my vicinity and grabbing some snacks and sweets that looked interesting and wanted to try. 181 more words


Grocery shopping @ Emart Pyeongtaek

We have only been here two weeks and most of the “kitchen starter” things we bought were from the base commissary. However, going to a Korean grocery store has been on my list since I arrived. 756 more words

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