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I waver back and forth when it comes to moving back to Canada, quite possibly forever and making a life there, or living the expat life which is kind of amazing in a lot of ways. 456 more words

Building Passive Income Streams

How much money do you need to be happy?

I was listening to a recent podcast from The Best of the Left (Capitalism Will Not Set You Free) and they were talking about how the law of diminishing returns can apply to your salary and happiness level. 178 more words

Building Passive Income Streams

Where my Traffic Comes From

I’m totally convinced that the way to make money online and drive traffic to your sites is by having an empire of sorts. Like I mentioned a few days ago, 233 more words

Niche Websites

University Life in Korea

My name is Tefera, and I am a first year student majoring in Korean Studies. Please watch the video I prepared on the topic of university life in Korea. 31 more words

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