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PUSHOFF (2013) Trailer

A Korean student animation by SA Yeon-Dong from ChungKang College of Cultural Industries. For this to be a student project… ultra impressive.

Visual Vocab

Which character in a K-Drama are you?

Another neat-o quiz from allkpop! The picture is the link.


Haphazard Hilarity: Quotes from the Classroom

Teachers everywhere will tell you that kids say the most adorable, hilarious and downright inappropriate things during class.

Now, add the language barrier to that and you have a bunch of miscreants, who, at any moment, could unleash an inappropriately hilarious sentence of such magnitude that would put the San Andreas fault to shame.  462 more words


Charming Skirts

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Thumb Style

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A while back, a Korean coworker had taken me to this unlikely stop and I had been pleasantly surprised by not only the quantity of food we received, but also the quality. 428 more words