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Penis-Stealing Magic

A couple of days ago, I mentioned koro, the belief that one’s penis is shrinking or has vanished. Here’s the latest information on this global epidemic

Straight Dope

CADAVER EYES re-emergence, 2014

Since 2010′s MLC (=Mesarvim Lihyot Kovshim, ie refusing to be occupiers) CADAVER EYES has been pretty much dormant. Not entirely, but somehow not exactly active. But sometime in 2013 something happened and new undead spirits started breathing their foul stench through the corpse.   113 more words

Myths of Psychology

No, I haven’t turned Scientologist. I just read Scott O. Lilienfeld, Steven Jay Lynn, John Ruscio, and Barry L. Beyerstein’s 50 Great Myths of Popular Psychology (2010). 253 more words