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Sweet, Sweet Onions...

I shared yesterday my dilemma in buying Sweet Onions in bulk, then forgetting about them for over a month. So, I’m trying my best to work through them this week. 188 more words


White Pizza with Sweet Potato

Time to really shift gears into the fall harvest. It was a very good year for sweet potatoes.

My first ode to the sweet potato – a white pizza with sweet potato as the topping.   206 more words


Classic Turkey and Creamy Rice Casserole

I love just about everything that came from the 1950’s. Easy, tasty, comforting casseroles are included. I however, just can’t bring myself to serve my family the processed convenience foods the 50’s made so popular.  279 more words



I really wanted to go to shul this morning, but apparently my alarm was turned too low, because I slept right through it. This isn’t surprising, since I went to bed at 7PM last night (although I was up in the middle of the night for a couple of hours because I was burning up — homeostasis, ur doin it rong!) and generally slept like a rock. 500 more words


Pax et Lox: A Peak Into Tufts' New Kosher Deli

Kosher dill or half sour?

The million dollar question at the new kosher deli, Pax et Lox. Students now have access to a kosher dining option, and delicious sandwiches such as the classic corned beef on rye and smoked salmon (lox) on a bagel. 554 more words


Parsley Walnut Pesto

What is still growing well in my garden?  Parsley!  The plants look beautiful and healthy.

This pesto uses parsley and toasted walnuts in place of the basil and pine nuts.   93 more words


Watermelon pancakes

We tend to assume certain foods are just a universal. That our kids will love them. I am often fooled by this. Here is a partial list of food dislikes that baffled me. 444 more words