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  1. Well, let’s get this party started…so Kosher Cave….sounds Jewish and ancient, which is basically the point of this project. Kosher- yes this is a Kosher blog with a focus on Paleo (primal) eating.
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Lovely Lemony Cheesecake

There’s a festival in Judaism called Shavuot that rocks around usually about May time. It commemorates a time in the bible when the Jewish people wandered around outside eating dairy foods such as cheese. 582 more words

Budget Cooking

Boulangerie Cheskie, Mile End, Montréal

Boulangerie Cheskie
359 Rue Bernard Ouest
Montréal, QC H2V 4H3
(514) 271-2253

There are many ways to pad my womanly hips here in Montréal. I don’t have a huge sweet tooth but I… 562 more words


How a kosher turkey company meets the Thanksgiving rush: An ancient-modern balancing act

On any given day in November, trucks will deliver some 10,000 live white turkeys to Empire Kosher Poultry’s Mifflintown, Penn., processing plant. The birds are destined for ritual slaughter, rabbinic approval, a salt bath, and, finally, a Cryovac sealing machine. 2,108 more words


Jon Stewart is still really confused by his religion

Jon Stewart is Jewish, but as has been thoroughly documented on this blog, that doesn’t mean he knows too much about the religion into which he was reluctantly born. 151 more words


Chocolate Heaven - out on its own

Are you a chocoholic? I think I may be borderline, however, on being recommended this wonderful cake I could possible turn in to a chocolate junkie…….who could resist this wonderful cake? 87 more words

Orecchiette with Seared Cauliflower, Chicken and Greens

It is funny that some of my favorite dishes are created when I am trying to clean out either my refrigerator or my cabinet.  This time I needed space in my refrigerator to prepare for Thanksgiving.   362 more words