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Mushroom Noodle Latkes

Here is an amazing Hanukkah recipe from Chabad.org.  As you can tell, I love making latkes, and enjoy making latkes out of non-traditional foods, like apple or… 280 more words


Cool for Katz

It’s long been my dream to open a gourmet sandwich shop. If you think about it, the sandwich is really the perfect food: every food group and whatever combination of flavors your heart desires, all piled between two layers of  delicious bread. 446 more words


Stunned or Unstunned?

According to this article – yes another one from the Torygraph – meat is to be labelled according to how the animal (or animals… 501 more words


Apple Latkes

Latkes aren’t just for lunch and dinner, we found a fun new way to start our day with latkes – Apple Latkes for breakfast!

These latkes by Nigella Lawson are so good that you are going to want them at other times of the year.   205 more words


The West is East?

I, for one will not be surprised if the terms ‘Londistan’ and ‘Eurabia’ become concrete definitions in the Oxford dictionary sooner rather than later. The West has long been a regular importer of the Islamic package, to the point where its contents of intolerance, non-integration and creeping sharia have had decades to spread throughout the UK at an irrevocable rate. 671 more words


Latkes and Applesauce

Growing up in a Jewish household had its many perks including the lost list of traditional recipes passed down through the generations on my mother’s side.   626 more words


Dreidels, Mince Pies and Holiday Armadillos

At university most of our friends aren’t Jewish. Most of our friends are, however, seemingly very intrigued about what being Jewish actually entails both spiritually and culturally other than avoiding BLT sandwiches in the line at the coffee shop. 457 more words

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