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Psych Insight: Live, The Cosmic Dead, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, 14/07/14

Man was I tired. I drove up to Leeds and sat through the three support bands in something of a haze (not their fault); a series of late nights and sky high pollen levels adding to my malaise. 412 more words


Psych Insight: Album Review - White Sun Black Sun by In Zaire

You know how it is, you come across a band and you think they are amazing: but it appears that others had got there first and that limited edition bit of vinyl had sold out long ago. 655 more words


Black Tempest/Astral Voyages

Our resident alchemist Black Tempest returns with more of the exploratory laboratory, this time christened as Astral Voyages. As with all of Black Tempest’s offerings, there’s an undercurrent that runs through it, both giving it its own unique sheen and fleshing out the creator’s character. 465 more words