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Icho Namiki - Ginkgo Avenue in Aoyama

The other day when I was lamenting that autumn seemingly passed me by while I was billing incredible hours at the office or traveling in Myanmar, I realized that this weekend was a gorgeous weekend and a perfect day to go out and check out the foliage. 132 more words

大原 Mourning on the Mountain

Yesterday I took a trip with my friend to Ohara (大原, a town that sounds like it should be in Ireland but is actually to the North-East of Kyoto, near Kurama). 1,799 more words


Autumn: Osaka Castle Park colours

Some autumn colours in Osaka Castle park yesterday (November 20th) we went quite late in the afternoon (about 4:30pm) and it was already getting dark. 29 more words


京都寺町通 Buddhas and Barbarians

Those visiting Kyoto for only a few days (or even a few weeks) tend to only see the famous temples of Kyoto, but I, having the luxury of time, decided that I should visit my local temples. 1,104 more words


東福寺 Autumn Aflame

Yesterday was a beautiful Autumn day, so what better to do than visit another Temple? I got on the train from Demachiyanagi station and headed to Tofuku-ji, one of the temples renowned for its beautiful Autumn leaves. 843 more words


5 Faves: Autumn Leaf-Peeping Destinations (Part 2)

Last year’s list of foliage favorites touched on some of the more well-known autumn destinations. This year, I’m looking a bit further afield (while also looking a bit closer to home at the same time! 467 more words

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