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It's not hard to 'shine'

As my leadership and management experience has grown so has my ability and confidence…..It make sense! But even now I don’t know half of it and I never will but my strength is that 1) I know it, and 2) I’m determined to continue to learn. 620 more words


Aligning risk to objectives – using Key Performance Indicators

How often are we advised that we should “identify and manage risk against objectives”? Sounds easy, but how many of us are doing this effectively, especially at the strategic level? 572 more words

Risk Management

KPIs done right (part 2)

A few weeks ago I mentioned Key Performance Indicators. KPIs should be a simple way to take the vital signs of your practice. The problem is that, in may practices, they are impossibly complex and time consuming. 169 more words

Dr Mark Hassed

Gamification? Why not, but how?

Another buzz-word – GAMIFICATION – Although Agile world somehow adopted it (hackatons etc.) It is a way far away from ITSM practice. Should it be? I assume there will be aspects where gamification might be applicable, but it requires two the biggest changes in organization: 454 more words

Being Agile

Kuwait Petroleum International Q8 - First Annual Sustainability Report

Overall, the report is a solid example of a first CSR report. Q8 is still sorting out its materiality assessment: right now the company is taking an “all of the above” approach and is claims it listening to everyone. 452 more words


Webmethods Optimize for Process


webMethods ‘Optimize for process’ is component which is responsible for monitoring the customer requests, generating statistics, calculate the KPIs, and notifying you with any violation for the rules you define to monitor your business process. 1,296 more words

Data Collector

Availability concerns

There are no trivial issues under ITSM domain. There are simple ones, but never trivial. One of them is Availability Mgmt – seems to be one dimension issue – trivial… It is not. 604 more words