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Designing an assessment model the right way

I’ve been prolific in my complaints about schools buying into systems for assessment which focus on tracking rather than assessment, that pander to the myths of levels… 911 more words


KPI and other irritating acronyms - who needs 'em, and why?

(This post is aimed mostly at start-ups.)

Short answer, we all do.

If you’re now raising your eyebrows and Googling for the term, must mean that this post will not interest you. 612 more words

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How To Double Your Team's Velocity Over One Sprint

There’s this Holy Grail of Scrum. Velocity. The sole easily available indicator, one we can use to measure team’s performance, to see it improving, to assess its capability. 436 more words


Top Turkey Dashboard Design Mistakes

Design Tips to Avoid in Creating Dashboards

By Heather Peterson

Nothing says Thanksgiving like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Everyone grows up waking up and turning the TV on to watch the procession of beloved characters and entertainers on floats or in the form of a balloon. 756 more words

What Are Your "Kept Promise Indicators"?

“Dental Brand Promises — make three promises and then measure if you’re keeping them (Kept Promise Indicators – KPI!) – then grab a Net Promoter Score (NPS) while you’re at it. 90 more words


Boost Up Your Performance.

3 tips to follow: 

  1. Become healthier. Your productivity is directly linked to how much energy you have. You boost those by eating well and getting plenty of exercise.
  2. 202 more words

The Next Year (& Beyond) Plan - Part 1

You’ve had a piece of the PIE… Now What?

As this year’s PIE class wraps up it’s official program and settles down to dig in and advance their products and companies, I thought it would be useful to put together some strategies for thinking about the future. 880 more words