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Alice White "Baby Like That" Review: Excellent song; Generic MV

WTF Youtubers are proclaiming that this song is shit. It’s not shit, it’s THE SHIT(that means good BTW).
I don’t know if the song’s name is Bing Bing Bing or Baby Like that. 340 more words


Delulu Fans

First things first I will be talking about the sinking ship in South Korea and delulus that are currently pushing my buttons. Also my prayers do go out to the many families that are in extreme grief and agony over this tragic news of the ship. 639 more words

M is for M-Line

This post kind of goes along with the Eye Smile post for E, but instead of names for features that we never think of, it is actually about ones we do think of, but have different names for. 422 more words

AZ Challenge

Kyuhyun and Afgan

Haha..nemu beginian di FB, kira2 apa yang mereka omongin ya?


Happy Birthday to Jung Soyeon a.k.a Jessica Jung

Happy bday SNSD’s MaoMao, Jessica Jung. Love you and please stop ruining my bias list! Stay cool, cute ‘n gorjess! x) and be a good eonni from the maknae Seohyun and Krystal :)


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Friday, 18 April 2014- 10:46

Happy Good Friday!! God Bless!!

Having holiday today and on Monday. So, that means 4 days holiday. YES!
But I got a lot of homework to do too.. 129 more words