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Edgar Froese (1944-2015)

Edgar Froese, pioneer of electronic music and founding member of Tangerine Dream  has died. When I was in my early teens I developed a love of electronic music.  201 more words

La Femme: Viaje lisérgico desde Francia hasta la Alemania de los 70's

Los miembros de Kraftwerk pueden sentirse realizados ya, con el auge de la música electrónica y el dubstep que tanto ruido hace.

Incluso Florian Schneider debe congratularse hoy en día con el disco de debut de La Femme, una banda “híper” poblada de origen francés. 281 more words

Reseña Disco

Doctor Who does Kraftwerk

Picture the scene. The corridor was only painted an hour ago, but Edward is currently running up and down the same bit of it over and over again. 111 more words

Doctor Who

This one had to come sooner or later

Since it covers both my passions, cycling and pop music, I really have nothing else to say about this, apart from suggesting you take a look at some of the old race footage in the video.   21 more words

Pop Music

No Red Balloons Here

I did consider Nena for a moment, but those 99 balloons don’t quite cut it, and the clue was that it is about something German.  I don’t know if it is based on a particular German, but I’d like to think it’s Horst Buchholz, if only for the fact that he was in  133 more words

Pop Music

Show #43 - Kraftwerk gushfest

And we’re back in the room…

It was Sept 11th 1976 when Kraftwerk last played the Paradiso, and since then they’ve whittled themselves down to one member accompanied by 3 robot/humanoids, gone all 3D, seen their creative output diminish to merely a trickle and turn their live show in what some commentators unkindly compare to watching ‘4 eldery men spend an evening sending emails’. 98 more words