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Access data from manytomanyfield in django

I am trying to get the data from ManyToManyField model.I have two model question and quiz_spes in manytomanyfield i am trying to access all question of particular quiz_spec… 179 more words

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How can I create a basic data base in nasm

I need to create a data base in nasm that make the fallow things:
SHOW TABLE <table_name>;
INSERT INTO <table_name> VALUES (<value1>, ...<valueN>);
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Put Your Head On Our Pillows

Looking for some more great gift ideas to stock for the holidays? Our pom pom trimmed throw pillows are just what you need then! No matter if you are searching for adventure on the high seas or you love a good anatomically accurate heart or skull, we have you covered. 7 more words

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Kraken Announces At Mt. Gox Creditors Meeting It Will Aid Investigation

Kraken CEO Jesse Powell made this unexpected announcement, which adds a welcome element of hope to the Mt. Gox debacle.

Read the full article here: http://thecoinfront.com/kraken-announces-at-mt-gox-creditors-meeting-it-will-aid-investigation/

Mexican sea creatures and food pronunciation


Cody, Brian’s producer, was attacked by a sea creature while vacationing in Mexico! Hear the harrowing tale, and then hear Brian’s thoughts on on people who don’t know how to pronounce Mexican foods.

Brian Noonan

The Liberation of Longing


A long, slow howl is sometimes best,
the holding of your head up high, and

still. Keep your eyes on the moon; she’s
seen too much, and if you let her go, 54 more words