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Evolve Beta Coming In January

Are you like me and didn’t actually get a chance to play the Evolve Alpha when it was out?

Well, a second chance at that is coming. 239 more words

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Did massive sea monsters like the Kraken really exist?

“For centuries, fishermen from Norway and Greenland have told tales of a terrifying sea monster: the kraken. Supposedly, this vast creature has giant tentacles that can pluck you from your boat and drag you to the depths of the ocean. 45 more words

Giant Squid

2+2=4 Why Chelsea Manning Should Be Free

Today is Chelsea Manning’s birthday, and on this day people from across the world are sending her well wishes. From celebrities, to NGO’s, to countless social media posts across the world, the international community is honoring her sacrifice and in a way, mourning the injustice of her trial. 3,363 more words

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The 2014 Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap - our submission!

At last, it’s here, it’s here!

I’m sad in one way to see the end of another swap, but happy at the same time, since it means it’s almost Christmas! 825 more words


Afterlaughs, Tea Parties, and Elves, Oh My....😜

It’s been six days since the Sivleys swung open the doors to their charming three-story home in Georgia and welcomed us with open arms and open hearts into their busy lives. 615 more words


I’m not sure at what point I realized I was drowning. One second, my mother is screaming for me to “Hold on!” She screamed the phrase repeatedly while I tried not to slip away—as if there was some metaphorical life preserver I needed to cling to with the fingers of my brains—as if those little mental hands could keep me afloat and keep me alive. 491 more words