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Sauerkraut Herb Salad

Extremely simple to make and extremely delicious!  Hamptons Brine kraut, dill, parsley, scallions, onions, olive oil and a dash of raw honey

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6 Things to Make with Sauerkraut (Other Than a Reuben)

Here are 6 sauerkraut recipes (plus a couple of extras) which are just as unique and delicious, as the Reuben, solving the dilemma of what to do with sauerkraut forever. 687 more words

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Homemade (and slightly homegrown too)

Thanks to a Fifth Season fermentation class nudge we made a batch of sauerkraut. The daikon and radish straggler came from our garden (cabbage, garlic, and carrots from the store this time around).


Making Sauerkraut

Makes 1 quart or as much as you like

Fermented foods seem to be headed into becoming the next big culinary trend.  This is truly a case of everything old is new again as fermenting was one of the earliest methods of food preservation.  685 more words


Sauerkraut + Probiotics

Probiotics are extremely necessary in normal digestion and in many cases, doctors  prescribe a probiotic supplement for those lacking in these beneficial bacteria.

However, supplements usually cannot guarantee a raw bacteria count. 62 more words

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When translations traduce (or when quotes aren’t)

In a recent paper for a philosophy supervision, following a lead in Kraut (2007, 39n), I used a quote from Ian Hacking which seemed to quote Michel Foucault, “Objects constitute themselves in discourse (Hacking 1979, 51)”.  831 more words

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Fermentation 101 Workshop

Thank you to everyone who attended my fermentation workshop this past weekend. What a fun group! My good friend Daniela took lots of fantastic pics. 125 more words