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Song of the Day: Krewella - We Are One (Culture Code Remix)

Culture Code remixes another Krewella track and seems to have a knack for it as it turned out pretty good.  And despite what is going on with the band at the moment, they still have some good songs in their catalogue.

The Telltale Mind


Oh Krewella. As if you really needed to lower your reputation even further…

For those who are still uninformed, just weeks ago the news broke that the electronic act known as Krewella had pretty much ‘thrown out’ (yes there is a much longer story but we’d be here all day, trust me) their third member, and producer  199 more words



I ran across this music video a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with it for a slew of different reasons. For one, I love the song. 211 more words

White Girls Everywhere

If you love Starbucks, Uggs, gym selfies, and doing the sorority squat during every picture possible, then I 100% guarantee you’ll love this mashup, or your money back.  39 more words

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Everybody goes to their favorite concerts and most people can identify with a specific type of music scene. Personally, I like to consider myself a “raver”.   386 more words