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Alma Mahler Gropius Werfel née Alma Maria Schindler (31 aug 1879 – 11 dec 1964) socialite, composer, salon hostess

Helen Levitt… 51 more words


Spiral Diner and Bakery: Lovin' Vegan

Took a break from school shopping in Fort Worth today to eat at the vegan joint, Spiral Diner and Bakery. I’m doing a 21 day cleanse that’s vegan and gluten-free: no gluten, no dairy, no animal flesh, and no sugar. 139 more words

Sustainable Living

Blogs that Inspire Me

Last year when I had really lost my way health wise my Naturopath sister recommended that I check out this blog, Wellness Warrior .

It changed my way of thinking and influenced my health choices. 93 more words

A Self-Care Planner To Get You Through The Week (Infographic)

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Via www.mindbodygreen.com/0-14769/a-self-care-planner-to-get-you-through-the-week-infographic.html.


You know the usual story: you over-commit. You say yes to everyone who asks you for something, and you give, give, give until you fall flat on your cute face. 316 more words


5 Pillars of Optimal Digestion

Digestion is the number one body system I work with clients on. Whether they come to me with skin issues, low energy, chronic fatigue or brain fog, it’s at least somewhat, if not completely related to digestion 100% of the time. 669 more words

Quick Fire: 10 Habits for World Domination

1. Set an intention for the week. How do you want to feel, act, be?

2. Take a few hours each Sunday, or whichever day punctuates your week, to prep some healthy and delicious food. 

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Product Review: Annnarie Gianni

There seems to be a common theme amongst the skin care lines I’ve reviewed so far: a consumer learns about what is really in their skin care products, and upset by what they find, decide to start their own line based on quality, trustworthy ingredients. 402 more words