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5 Pillars of Optimal Digestion

Digestion is the number one body system I work with clients on. Whether they come to me with skin issues, low energy, chronic fatigue or brain fog, it’s at least somewhat, if not completely related to digestion 100% of the time. 669 more words

Quick Fire: 10 Habits for World Domination

1. Set an intention for the week. How do you want to feel, act, be?

2. Take a few hours each Sunday, or whichever day punctuates your week, to prep some healthy and delicious food. 

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Product Review: Annnarie Gianni

There seems to be a common theme amongst the skin care lines I’ve reviewed so far: a consumer learns about what is really in their skin care products, and upset by what they find, decide to start their own line based on quality, trustworthy ingredients. 402 more words

Kris Carr's Penne A La Vodka

This pasta dish is just spectacular. I never use that word, but it truly is and the cashew cream sauce really takes it to the next level of pasta. 91 more words


The Best Sources Of Plant-Based Protein (Infographic)

One of the most pervasive myths is the belief that we need large amounts of protein to be healthy.  Is protein important? Absolutely!  But in large quantities it could actually harm your health. 98 more words


Finding Joy Within Pain

A few days ago I wrote about “Accepting or Giving up?” and today I remembered this Original Short from Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday’s. Kris Carr talks about her life with stage four cancer and how she decided to live life with meaning. 449 more words


Click: Make Peace With Food

Hello Loves. My wonderful friend/ international soul sister Pauline Hanuise (who I interviewed on my blog about self-love, health and wellness over here) recently launched her online coaching program, “Make Peace With Food.”

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