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Author : Fai

Cast :

  • Lu Han | EXO’s Luhan
  • Wu Fan | EXO’s Kris

Genre : guess what?

Rating : T

Length : … 3,981 more words


(Freelance) Painfully (Chapter 3)

Painfully Chapter 3

Author : Rabiiii (@Rabiiiii_)

Main Cast : Im Yoona|Wu Yi Fan|Oh Sehun| Byun Baekhyun

Other Cast : Find by Yourself ^^

Genre : Romance|Tragedy|Friendship|Family… 5,892 more words


My Love For You

My Love For You

Cast(s) : Kris (EXO)

Lee Moa (OC)

Genre : Fluff, fangirling (?)//Rating : G

Length : One Shoot

BGM : My Love For You – Super Junior M… 1,526 more words


Love Game : Season II ( Chapter - 12 )

Written By : RyeonHi20 >> Length : Chaptered >> Starring : Jessica Jung , Kris Wu , Xi Luhan , Kim Taeyeon >> Guest Star : Jackson GOT7 , Mark GOT7 >> Supporting Cast : Find Them in the story >> Genre : Romance , Angst , Hurt , Family >> Rating : PG –17… 13,902 more words


[Longfic] Untitled - Chương 2: Tấm ảnh thứ hai

Tác giả: Keychained

Translator : Yalo <3

Permission: Link

Link gốc: Link

Nhân vật: Kris, Chanyeol

Thể loại: hường phấn…

 Vui lòng không mang fic ra khỏi WordPress mà không có sự đồng ý của gia chủ. 4,274 more words

Chapter 3

Title: Loving You
Author: LyaLy / Yong Byung

●Main cast:
•Seohyun (SNSD)
•Sehun (EXO)

●Support cast:
•Taeyeon (SNSD)
•Jessica (SNSD)
•Kris (EXO)
•Luhan (EXO)

Genre:School life, Marriage life, comedy and sad… 451 more words

My New FanFiction

Men's Talk

Comedy // Slightly Fluff //

Yifan and Jongin had their own ‘Me Time’


“I wonder have you felt in love before?”One of his students,Jongin asked with curiousity.”Emm,of course I have,Mr.Kim.But,my love life was not your concern.I rather like you focused on this question,”Yifan pointed the book hastily.Why all of his students liked to pick their nose to his personal life? 321 more words