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Being Human: When You're Not Salman and Still a God

The last classical dance recital I attended got me thinking about a figure who has a presence in every single Indian classical form– Sri Krishna. Not only is his… 425 more words

Is It Over??????

I don’t know. I’m getting nothing, except the uncomfortable pressure is back. It’s not as intense as it was, but it’s there.

I am sleeping, which is a good sign. 428 more words

Cosmic Consciousness

Nyasa Anga and Kara Preparaion for Pooja

There are procedures for performing Pooja in Hinduism.

The Universe is connected and interdependent.

Any action performed affect another and there may be certain elements which may not be tolerant of your actions. 184 more words


Krishna, Guru Of All Gurus

Janmashtami is the blessed and adorable day of the advent of Bhagwan Sri Krishna, incarnation of Vishnu, considered as Jagatguru -­ teacher of all teachers ­`Krishnam vande jagadguru’. 572 more words


Ten Things I Can't Do At The Same Time

I can walk and chew gum. I can use a battery-powered screwdriver while holding a screw. I can listen to music and cook. I can’t do other things when I’m doing something else. 539 more words