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'Veronica Mars' Turns Ten


A long time ago we used to be friends.

Ten years ago today the public was introduced to spunky teen private eye Veronica Mars and her band of friends (mostly former friends and enemies) in the fictional beach town of Neptune, California.   423 more words

Kristen Bell

Second impressions: 'Frozen'

After watching Frozen a second time whilst on holiday recently, I realised that I’ve not done a review of the movie, which is surprising. Or maybe not, given my “meh” impression when I first watched it. 594 more words


Kristen Bell Pregnancy Style / Galaxy Tab S

Kristen Bell has been a fave of mine since her days on TV as Veronica Mars and then playing Elle in Heroes (Which I will ALWAYS say needs to come on back). 225 more words


Pop culture crap I would normally text my friends about

Last night I had a forty-five minute phone conversation with my bff Kit about pop culture – and it was glorious. Sometimes I just don’t feel like talking about the boring stuff that happens in my life and feel completely entitled to speculate and judge the lives of people in Hollywood who in my warped little mind have zero feelings and inflated enough egos that they can take a punch. 477 more words


Veronica Mars: The Girl Next Door

The Girl Next Door
Season One, Episode Seven (Read our thoughts on the previous episode, Return of the Kane)
Originally Aired: 11/9/2004
Teleplay by  Jed Seidel and Diane Ruggiero… 631 more words

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Review: 'Play It Again, Dick' Episode 1

Watch the first episode of Play It Again, Dick here.

First things first, the opening shot is straight out of Apocalypse Now, panning over the accouterments of Dick’s bedside (sex wax, Boner Express pills, trashy earrings, and condoms of many colors), sliding by his iPhone playing the message of last night’s forgotten woman (and client), while he slumbers, spooned up with his dog. 250 more words