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Take Shelter: The Man of Steel Prequel You Forgot About

Once upon a time a director named Kent Clark made a movie called Take Shelter, about General Zod before he went crazy and turned into a Kryptonian. 865 more words


Immodestly, it is one of my talents to pay attention. I like to pay attention. I can do it for long periods of time. I can do it for topics or events I am not familiar with. 372 more words

Adidas Skateboarding Seeley "Kryptonite" Frost Blue

Take a look at the Adidas Skateboarding Seeley “Kryptonite Frost Blue”. The Kryptonite SB sneaker comes in a lime color but the Frost Blue is the standout pick. 36 more words


September 18, 20-

Went swimming as usual at municipal pool.  Note that new suit is starting to disintegrate. Suit was bought mere month ago.  Have already replaced suit once this summer. 146 more words

Children and Germs, my Kryptonite

Germs. I hate them. I hate them. I. Hate. Them. They are Reason #3 why I am not a teacher. So let me do some Common Core Math for you here to make it a little easier to understand. 277 more words


Superpower + Kryptonite = Suspence

“One of the most famous protagonist in contemporary pop culture is Superman. Now Superman is special because he’s not some ordinary human, he can do things nobody else can. 193 more words