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The Periodic Table: Breaking Bad Anniversary Edition

Welcome to the debut edition of the TVE Periodic Table. What is the Periodic Table you ask? Well for one it is a (hopefully not too lame) pun to do a spinoff column on one of my favorite chemistry related TV shows, but it will also be a (again, hopefully) recurring collaborative effort here at TVE where we will periodically (hence, the name) table together some of our own best writers as well as writer’s from other blogs and just do an easy going group discussion of various issues, either movie related, video game related, or as is the case tonight, television related. 4,552 more words


The Blacklist - Lord Voldemort?

He’s back! The Blacklist kicked off season 2 with a rather large bang, courtesy of Red. The episode started off with Red getting the name of another bounty hunter looking for him: Lord Baltimore, which sounds an awful lot like Lord Voldemort. 236 more words


BIG EYES- Big Changes for Tim Burton

Tim Burton, known for his creepy, unforgettable animation like The Nightmare Before Christmas and live-action films like Alice and Wonderland is trying out something a little different- a film based on a true story. 436 more words

Trailer Alert - Big Eyes

Plot – A drama cantered on the awakening of the painter Margaret Keane, her phenomenal success in the 1950s, and the subsequent legal difficulties she had with her husband, who claimed credit for her works in the 1960s. 75 more words


The First Trailer for "Big Eyes" Gives Us Hope for a Brighter Tim Burton Future

I’ll admit, for several years, I’ve been on the “roll my eyes at any mention of Tim Burton” train. For a guy who had been involved in some of my favorite films such as  282 more words


Vamps (2012) Review. (Love Horror).

Released on Blu-Ray/DVD this week, take a bite out my review for 2012, Amy Heckerling horror/comedy VampsA tongue-in cheek look at two Manhattan based fanged females morally against the temptation of human blood. 18 more words

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