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Kerbal Space Program: Solar Eclipse!

Just saw this when I as playing KPS:

I looked it up and it turns out there not that rare in ksp since the sun the moon and the earth are on the same plane, so it’s pretty easy for them to line up compared to real life where the inclinations are different making it a lot harder. 18 more words


Kerbal Space Program: Now with More Asteroid!

Kerbal Space Program (KSP) is a space program simulator game that’s the closest most of us are going to get to running our own space agency. 299 more words


FlemTech Space Program - Kerbal Space Program Part 15

Read part 14 here. 

16/4/Year 1

The FSA are still debating the future of FlemTech’s manned space program, but in the meantime FlemTech are launching an unmanned probe to land on the Mun! 186 more words

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FlemTech Space Program - Kerbal Space Program Part 14

Read part 13 here.

05/4/Year 1

The FSA have allowed FlemTech to go back to launching manned flights as long as the rockets are tested unmanned before hand. 174 more words

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Weird Parallels Between the Pinoy Modeling and Blogging Worlds, As Gleaned from the Twitter Stream of the 10th Annual Self-Importance Summit: #iBlog10

In my Manila Times column for today, I describe the business “ecosystem” of the local modeling industry, something about which my knowledge is increasing at a rapid rate since I could properly be described as a “stage parent,” as much as I dislike that particular term. 829 more words


Continuing Obsession with Kerbals

Forty million kilometers from home, Jebidiah Kerman stands on the surface of a small green moon, Minimus, the second of his planet’s two moons. The journey here took a week of lonely travel, and now he looks back at where he came from, his home planet of Kerban, visible here as a small black dot to the left of the sun, just on the edge of its light. 750 more words


FlemTech Space Program - Kerbal Space Program Part 13

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28/3/Year 1

FlemTech today are testing a probe landing system. The FlemTech Landing Test One will be launching from the Space Centre and then landing close to the Space Centre.

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