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To Dres and Back Again

Not long ago the incredibly brilliant Kerbal computer scientist Dr. McCarthy Kerman came to me with a proposal. “We need to map Jebediah Kerman’s neural pathways into a completely self-contained artificial intelligence capsule with a bitchin’ huge eye on top. 314 more words

Kerbal Space Program

The Simulation Problem

(No, not this)

I’ve been struggling with this problem for a while now every time I sit down to start playing KSP. As you may know, I am a huge space enthusiast, and a stickler for realism when it comes to portraying space and science topics. 536 more words


Leviathan Phase 5

Stage 5 of the Leviathan Space Station has been completed. Unfortunately it seems to still not be totally self-sufficient. Hopefully I will be able to figure out how to store enough food to make it so. 25 more words

Monday Update!

While the blog may not be updated over the weekends, games continue to be played.

Phase Four of the Leviathan Space Station has been completed. It now houses 19 Kerbals, but will need expansion to house more. 80 more words

Leviathan Remade

After some errors on the last edition of the LSS (a docking port was on backwards making any further expansion or help impossible) the LSS is back in the skies with a vengeance and the proper docking ports. 16 more words

Leviathan Space Station

Started a new save of KSP today with TAC Life Support and MKS/OKS mods. I found very quickly that adding these makes making Space Stations much more interesting to make. 138 more words

First Dock! Space Station is online!

Here are pictures of my first successful docking! Took me about an hour and multiple attempts but was able to complete it after making modifications to both sections to give me more axis of control! 48 more words