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Munar mission - try, try, and try again

< Jeb is sitting in a chair at mission control, flying a probe >

“Hey Bob, have a look at this!”

< Bob wanders over to see what Jeb is up to. 198 more words


Jaska Plays - Kerbal Space Program

Hi guys, welcome to Jaska Plays!  This is a small regular feature I hope to run for the foreseeable future where I showcase a game I’ve been playing recently.   964 more words


Photography Event at AT&T Park

Join Keeble and Shuchat for a day at AT&T Park as we tour behind the scenes of the San Francisco Giants stadium. 

Friday, August 15 9:30 a.m. 207 more words


We need more Funding!

Since the launch of First Contract (KSP 0.24), I have intended to start a new KSP game, using the new revamped Career mode.

Career in KSP now includes Funds, Contracts, and good old Science. 336 more words


Ramblin roving, flight edition

Rover wheels have other uses than just roving, like being misused as plane landing gear ;)

Plane design is not easy, but luckily I have it licked with my latest and greatest, albeit still unmanned: 36 more words


Munar mission: kaboom!

My munar missions so far have been highly – spotty, to say the least. So far, out of 4 missions, only 1 has been succesful. 64 more words


Rambling roving

In this post, I mentioned that I had researched rover wheels after my Munar landing and return.

Well, I couldn’t research a new toy without playing with it, could I? 79 more words