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Manned munar mission


Using a Kerballed version of my White Rock 2 rocket, pioneered in this post, I’ve managed to place Hallas Kerman on the Mun. 157 more words


Optimised White Rock 1 design breaks records... of successful Munar missions

Well, I’ve spent some time resting of late, due to health problems. Which means that I’ve played a lot of KSP, as well as 0ad, which might feature in a future blog post. 165 more words


Policy agenda for Cambodia in SME, industry and trade

The biggest challenge confronting SMEs in Cambodia is not a lack of loan resources but a lack of systematic credit information on and guarantees for SMEs, and the absence of complementary credit guarantee systems. 239 more words

This And That

KSP 0.25 Career Mode

I am currently spending some time on a Kerbal Space Program Career Mode game which I started after version 0.25 came out. I love the way the contracts system forces you to actually play in a completely new manner compared to the “old” sandbox and “just science” modes. 396 more words


To the Mun!

Now we’ve made orbit it’s time to set our sights on the Science held captive on the Mun. First though, it’s time to let you know that the upgrade to 0.25 has happened with all the mods I wanted to use. 1,286 more words

Kerbal Space Program

To Dres and Back Again

Not long ago the incredibly brilliant Kerbal computer scientist Dr. McCarthy Kerman came to me with a proposal. “We need to map Jebediah Kerman’s neural pathways into a completely self-contained artificial intelligence capsule with a bitchin’ huge eye on top. 314 more words

Kerbal Space Program