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Leviathan Remade

After some errors on the last edition of the LSS (a docking port was on backwards making any further expansion or help impossible) the LSS is back in the skies with a vengeance and the proper docking ports. 16 more words

Leviathan Space Station

Started a new save of KSP today with TAC Life Support and MKS/OKS mods. I found very quickly that adding these makes making Space Stations much more interesting to make. 138 more words

First Dock! Space Station is online!

Here are pictures of my first successful docking! Took me about an hour and multiple attempts but was able to complete it after making modifications to both sections to give me more axis of control! 48 more words

KSP Docking for Space Station

Today was the day I was going to do my first orbital rendezvous and dock my fuel tank onto my space station. Got really close and then…didn’t have proper RCS controls on either of my station pieces to be able to move them forward and back. 49 more words

KSP 10/24/2014

Played some Kerbal Space Program today on stream, so thanks to all those who tuned in to that.

Here are some various screenshots of what went on today. 108 more words

Kerbal Space Program Mods

I promised a mod post so here it is!

Here are the mods I use and why I use them, broken up into paragraphs.

Astronomer’s Visual Pack (EVE) – Things now look even better. 357 more words

Kerbal Space Program 10/23/2014

Here is what I was working on today in KSP. While watching DasValdez on Twitch I was trying to replicate the space plane that he was using. 134 more words