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I don’t know if it’s traditional or not — I have a pretty untraditional relationship with Kuan Yin — but I usually consult her oracle on her Enlightenment Day, as she shares that enlightenment with us all. 385 more words

Kuan Yin

anniversary of the enlightenment of kuan yin

today we celebrate and honor the enlightenment of kuan yin

“namo kuan shi yin pusa”

fifteen years ago today i was ordained as a buddhist nun – how grateful i am! 20 more words


Honoring the Enlightenment of Kuan Yin Today

Today is the Anniversary of the Enlightenment of Kuan Yin.

“Namo Kuan Shi Yin Pusa”

It is also the anniversary of┬áVenerable KongHu Shi’s (Ven. 24 more words


Kuan Yin Invites You To Her Temple Of Peace

In these times of great change on the planet we are all feeling the effects of the new frequencies that are pouring onto the Earth. It seems that everything is shifting, relationships ending, jobs changing, health challenges.Where do we go to find the place of peace within the chaos? 41 more words


Enlightenment, celebration

Tomorrow is the day on which Kuan Yin’s Enlightenment is celebrated. It’s the day honoring her ascension to (potential) Buddhahood; in October is the day celebrating her renunciation — her decision to not become a Buddha, but to stay among humans as a Bodhisattva and help us to achieve enlightenment. 431 more words

Kuan Yin

Knowing the Ascended Masters & connecting with them : 2 days workshop

Workshop scheduled on 15/07/2014 and 16/07/2014 , 12.30 to 3.30 pm each day

Topics Covered:

1. What are Ascended Masters

2. Difference between Angels, Archangels, gods, goddesses and Masters… 88 more words

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Shaman/Energy Worker

The longest-term Reiki work I’ve been doing has been with the distance/time symbol, healing my past so I can move on into my future. The man sitting by the hearth with an enormous mug of tea is proof that the work has borne fruit. 934 more words