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Nach einer Pause am Nachmittag habe ich mich entschlossen in den Vondelpark zu gehen.
Im Vondelpark traf ich auf ein Gruppe die ein Spiel spielten das ich nicht kannte. 15 more words

Making a Kubb set

Though the origins of Kubb are uncertain, I can attest that it is a fun game to play, either at your next back yard barbecue or at your next Renaissance fair. 691 more words


Kubb (pronounced in Swedish or in Gutnish) is a lawn game where the object is to knock over wooden blocks by throwing wooden batons at them. 267 more words

Things To Do

The problematic term "Viking chess"

A number of games have been termed “Viking chess” by other writers, though I generally avoid the term altogether because it is both ambiguous and inaccurate. 327 more words

Kubb, the supposedly-ancient Swedish lawn game

Kubb is a lawn game, featuring several “kubbar” (“kubbs”, wood blocks) stood on end and a single “kung” (king) in the center of the field, as players take turns tossing batons in attempt to topple first all the kubbs and then the king. 358 more words

Midsummer the chilling way

My midsummer of 2014 was as relaxing as you can imagine. Yesterday at lunchtime I took the train to my hometown Västerås and then we went to Gäddeholm to get some midsummer feeling at lake Mälaren. 176 more words


Helgen har varit glad

Det har varit en glad och rolig helg.

Lördagens Svensson/WT-fest var över förväntan. Spela kubb, äta potatissallad, grilla sojakorvar, öla och spela kubb i en soldränkt radhusidyll. 31 more words