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Last Call: Preview Kubuntu Guide

Those of you with an interest can preview my next book here. I’m going to take a look at the format for Lulu print-on-demand and offer print versions for cost+99 cents. 11 more words


Firefox Ubuntu Dark Theme Fix for Text Boxes

Fix for dark text boxes in firefox under linux when using a dark theme

cd ~/.mozilla/firefox/yourprofile/
mkdir chrome
cd chrome
kate userContent.css

You can replace kate with your text editor. 109 more words

Plasma 5 Weekly ISO Revisited

I am proud to announce that Plasma 5 weekly ISOs have returned today.


Grab today’s ISO while it is hot. And don’t forget to… 74 more words


Kubuntu Guide 10

(This should be the end of the series. If you have questions, suggestions for topics I forgot, etc., now is the time to pester me.) 972 more words


Kubuntu Guide 09

(Almost done with this, folks.)

09 — Internet Software

As with Windows, there are several ways to set up your email. You can use the built in Kmail client. 1,962 more words


Kubuntu Guide 08

08 — Software and Files

In Windows you may have encountered seeing parts of the file system designated with C:\something\stuff. The backward slashes are opposite of what you see in things like URLs on the Internet. 2,055 more words


Kubuntu Guide 07

Before we get started, this is now a good time to move your files onto the system. Insert your backup device and wait for the Device Notifier on the Panel to let you know you can open this thing with the file manager, which is called Dolphin. 1,535 more words