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Linux + Printers? It's easier than Windows.

Read the title. It’s true- installing/using a printer on a Linux machine is very easy. It’s as simple as clicking here. 

So previously (I am talking like three years ago, or the equivalent of Ubuntu 10.04 being new..) I had all sorts of issues using my printers. 389 more words


KDE Plasma 5.0. Need I say more?

Okay, so I have told you about the best distro in like, the world? It’s obviously Kubuntu, duh. Now one of the best changes lately is… 570 more words


Lights of Different Colors

As discussed previously, Ubuntu has done a lot to popularize Linux on the desktop, but its not for everyone.  A lot of that has to do with the look and feel.   635 more words


Volume Configuration

Because sometimes a widget in the system tray is not enough:

A volume and sound routing configuration module for the Plasma workspace. Based on PulseAudio… 18 more words


Phonon + GStreamer + VLC 4.8 Beta

Today in Randa: Phonon 4.8 Beta got released, making the GStreamer backend use the GStreamer1 API and improving robustness in all parts of Phonon. 56 more words