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Reef Men's Kudu (RESRV Collection) Brown Boot 10 D - Medium cheap

Reef Men’s Kudu (RESRV Collection) Brown Boot 10 D – Medium

Reef Men’s Kudu (RESRV Collection) Brown Boot 10 D – Medium. If you looking for Reef Men’s Kudu (RESRV Collection) Brown Boot 10 D – Medium. 111 more words

hello  to the world i have finally made it to the technological world. surely loooking forwad to blogging and keeping in touch with the world. 10 more words

The Greater Kudu

The greater kudu (Tragelaphus strepsiceros) is a magnificent large antelope which ranges down the east coast of Africa from the Red Sea to South Africa; and west through southern Africa to the Atlantic coast. 375 more words


Cozy Inspiration- The Holy City's Best Coffee Shops

Coffee shops can be more than just grabbing a cup of coffee and racing off to the next errand you have planned. Coffee shops are cozy, little communities where many things take place. 457 more words

From baboons to warthogs, animals are aplenty in South Africa

Sept. 6, 2014
My time in South Africa has allowed me to see and interact with animals I had only previously seen in books or at zoos. 226 more words

Tooling Around

Of course, the Kruger National Park isn't only about the big cats


A naughty little Vervet Monkey (that is a candy wrapper that it’s licking):

Zebra butt!:

My wife’s favorite, the elegant Kudu:

The endangered Southern Ground Hornbill (we saw four of them by the time we left): 39 more words


Lions and hippos and sperm-dripping elephants, oh my!

Bright and early we hopped a little plane from Joburg to Maun International Airport in Botswana. There we boarded an even smaller plane to travel deep into the wilds. 561 more words