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Hubble Finds New Targets for New Horizons Past Pluto

Source: Hubblesite.org

Time-lapse Hubble images of two new Kuiper Belt objects that are potential targets for the New Horizons spacecraft after it finishes its Pluto mission. 537 more words

NASA picks New Horizons targets in Kuiper Belt

NASA has chosen three possible small objects in the region of space beyond Neptune that could serve as destinations for the New Horizons probe after it visits the dwarf planet Pluto. 177 more words

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The (Seven) Wonders of the Solar System

I have read some days ago a nice article on IO9 discussing the Seven Wonders of the Solar System – from the original Seven Wonders of the Ancient World of which only the Great Pyramid of Giza remains standing.   1,044 more words


Pluto: From Planet to Dwarf Planet to...Comet?

Pluto is way out there. We only found it in the 20th century, while looking for Planet X (which, as it turns out, doesn’t exist). … 1,108 more words

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The Helmet - in Black Denim Lit

My story “The Helmet” has just come out in the August issue of Black Denim Lit. There’s been some delay with the issue (BD is still pretty new), but it’s nice to see it out now. 90 more words


The Kuiper Belt

The Kuiper Belt has been in the news lately, because the New Horizons space probe will be visiting it next year. The Kuiper Belt consists of a number of objects on the fringes of the Solar System (from about from about 30 to 55 AU out). 83 more words