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Silicon Valley Is Brilliant

Silicon Valley, the new HBO sitcom from Mike Judge, is hilarious, not because it makes fun of nerds, but because it doesn’t. Unlike say,  413 more words

silicon valley - the birthplace of the dot.bomb

Silicon Valley premiered on HBO this weekend past. It’s about 6 programmers who live in, you guessed it, Silicon Valley. For those of you who don’t know, that’s located in the south portion of the San Francisco Bay area. 315 more words

General Review

Silicon Valley: The Cap Table

Rating: B+

I am doing this out of order by reviewing the second episode before the first, but if George Lucas can do it, then I am sure a blog can escape the chronological confusion. 918 more words


Kumail Nanjiani Plays ‘Tweet or Literature” on Conan

Kumail Nanjiani, who I’ve written about twice in connection with his hilarious HBO series Silicon Valley, was on Conan two nights ago and footage is available to stream now. 75 more words

Silicon Valley: HBO's New Pilot

By Stephen Warren

I hate HBO. Seriously, I do.

Not because of their programming (even though I share Vince’s sentiment on some of their shows). Not because they cost more money (even though they do). 835 more words


"Silicon Valley" - HBO Can do no Wrong!

This Sunday after the amazing premier of Game of Thrones another show premiered its pilot episode without much fanfare.  HBO’s newest half hour comedy pilot for “Silicon Valley” aired and has been relatively covered up by the premier of GOT.  368 more words


097 - Silicon Valley, "Minimum Viable Product"

Silicon Valley is set up to be amazing before the first episode even starts. The talent pool is unreal. Not only does the cast include some of the funniest comedians working today, but it is created by Mike Judge, the brilliant writer behind… 360 more words