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Punctuality can be defined as the act of something happening or being arranged at the correct time. It is not being late in whatever you do. 300 more words


Settling in Cameroon (Part 8) Wakekeepings banned in kumba Municipality.

So, recently, i was listening to lakeside city radio- one of the principal radio stations here in kumba – and there was this anouncement that wake keepings with corpse have been banned in kumba municipality. 157 more words


False Prophets.

A prophet is a person who carries a message from God. He is a vessel that God uses to transmit his message to a petson or to a nation. 360 more words


Are you a church prostitute?

One of the principal requirements of keeping up your relationship with God is to attend a living church and associate with other christians brothers and sisters. 231 more words


Do you have a vision for your life?

Do you have a vision for your life?

The oxford advanced learner’s dictionary defines a vision as the ability to think about or plan the future with great imigination and intelligence. 327 more words



Abortion can be defined as the deliberate ending of pregnancy at an early stage. It is mostly performed by young single and married women between the ages of 12 anf 45 years who are of child bearing age. 348 more words



Heute morgen führte uns der Weg nach Dschang. Die Kleinstadt gehört zur Kameruner Westprovinz und ist touristisch sehr interessant. Die Deutschen haben hier einige Gebäude aus der Kolonialzeit hinterlassen, die teilweise noch gut erhalten sind. 141 more words