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Are you adding value to your life?

Have you ever gone to the market without a grocery list and you found out you bought something you did not need? In the movie, “i think i love my wife” by Chris Rock, he goes out shoping and brings back home a green shirt. 1,233 more words


Summer Day Camp in Kumba, Cameroon.

Yes! It was a dream but one that has come true. Renewed Hopes organised its first summer Day Camp for children in Kossala Kumba. All of this thanks to Lina Hoggs, my wonderful mentor. 168 more words


Meditation can be defined as the ability to ponder, contemplate repeating , murmuring of the scripture from different angles to better fill it in your body. 163 more words


What are you feeding into your mind?

Your mind is a very important part of your body. It is the part of your body that makes you able to think and feel. Your thoughts, interest arise from your mind. 450 more words


Marine Spirit.

A marine spirit is an evil spirit that lives in water. This spirit, formerly known as “mami water”, was often described as a woman, half fish and half human. 421 more words


Tips on how to manage stress.

1) eat a well ballanced diet.

2) get enough sleep.

3) Exercise.

4) limit caffeine, alcohol, drugs.

5) take breaks from work

6) Spend time with family and friends. 13 more words


Are you frugal?

A frugal person is somebody who is economical in the use of his money. He/she uses only as much money or food as is necessary. These tips to live a frugal life: 224 more words