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Do you multitask?

Multitasking is the performance of many tasks at the same time. It is a quality very much appreciated by employers nowadays. For example, if you are a secretary who can answer calls, be taking down notes and typing at the same time, then you are multitasking. 170 more words


How to overcome your fears.

The recent outbreak of the Ebola virus has brought fear among a lot of people. Not even governments have been left indifferent. I heard of the story of a lady in Nigeria who gave testimony in church how God healed her from the Ebola virus. 251 more words


What words do you speak?

“Your words and thoughts are like the rudder of a ship – they may seem small, but they affect the direction of your life. ” Joyce Meyer. 289 more words


Why you should renew your mind.

As soon as you give your life to Christ and accept him as your personal Lord and Savior, you need to renew your mind. (Romans 12:2) . 201 more words


Have God-confidence not self-confidence.

Before i gave my life to Christ, I used to believe in my personal ability to make things happen in my life. I knew that whatever thing, good or bad, that happens in my life was out of my personal effort. 209 more words


4 tips to stop lusting after women.

A lot of Christians brothers have difficulties to stop lusting after women. While serving God , they still go after the opposite sex. Do you have lustful thoughts? 291 more words


Mistakes men make with their wives.

Marriage is one of the best things that can happen between a man and a woman. The bible states in Genesis 2:24 that a man leaves his father and mother and is united with his wife, and they become one. 365 more words