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The importance of having a base.

While i was resident abroad, we had a pastor from America who paid a visit to our church in Denmark. This pastor declared he could travel abroad as much as he wants, he could even sleep on the floor during his journeys but it meant nothing to him. 173 more words


Should African countries have a common currency?

African countries have been struggling to come up with a common currency that would facilitate trade among them. A currency called the “Afro” has even been proposed. 243 more words


Your faith would be tested.

Mark 14:30

“And Jesus says unto him, verily I say unto you, that this day, even in this night, before the cock crows twice, you shall deny me three times. 211 more words


Implementing SMP properly on a Linux/MIPS platform

I have been trying to get SMP support working again on a port of Linux/MIPS kernel to the SGI Octane (IP30) for the last few weeks now. 1,521 more words

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The word and not a prophet would transform you.

A lot of people go to see prophets with the hope that all their problems would be resolved as soon as they meet the man of God. 213 more words


Home is home.

I have always believed going abroad was the only way i could make it in life and be recognized. I am sure a lot of Cameroonians would agree with me because it is the dream of many of them too. 404 more words


Do you visit spiritualists?

It has always amazed me why some Christians keep on going to spiritualists. These are the so-called medicine men or “alamimbo”, whatever they are called in your region of Africa. 199 more words