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jim cramer ticker tape toppings

“if everyone holds hands
Gilead does it because
Kumbaya stock”

“Tesla CEO
he wants world domination
I want you to die”

“was once offered
a job at a major teaching… 44 more words


On the Divisiveness of Black and White Thinking

What is black and white thinking? It is the belief that there are only one correct view out of two valid possibilities without acknowledgement of a position or multiple other positions somewhere in between of looking at a topic. 595 more words

Normal Posting

Camp Fire Songs


Music has always played a large role in camp life. It is no surprise to us, being started by a music professor and daughter of a music professor that Camp Farnsworth (formerly Camp Hanoum) was known locally as “the singing camp”.  108 more words

Eeyore's Depression

I found this on Facebook the other day, and it made me smile.

(Originally found on George Takei’s Facebook profile)

Mental Health

In Conversation with Jordan Bellan

Instructor Jordan Bellan teaches nude yoga at the Jitendra Yoga Studio. (WAYNE GLOWACKI / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS)

During this particularly cold winter, where exposed skin can freeze in minutes, naked yoga might get a frosty reception. 817 more words


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My Favorite Time of the Month. Period.

Ever since my tweenage years, I’ve been thrilled to get my period each month. I waited for what felt like ages for my ticket into the elusive cult of womanhood* and listened jealously to my post-menarche friends lamenting over their monthly blues. 345 more words