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Kumbaya: Think Chill Today

Whether you are having a good day today, or not so great day, I thought you could use a pause. A moment to chill and reflect. 53 more words


Is Kendrick Lamar's New Single The New Kumbaya?

“If you read in between the lines, We’ll learn to love one another. But you cant do that  without loving yourself first..” – Announcer

After nearly two years of hiatus, Compton’s very own Kendrick Lamar came out of hiding with a new Isley inspired single, entitled “i”.

243 more words

No Sleep Makes Jack want to @*@@!@#$%&#$@!# (21/09/2105)

Greetings virtual readers, this is your messiah writing again. I am bringing you new scripture from my high-rise apartment. Read and weep; send alcohol and drugs. 384 more words

A Healthy Dose of I Don't Care

I’ve been “accused” of being too “kumbaya”.


Not too mention those times when I don’t worry about the things that other people worry about and from outside perspective it may look like “I don’t care”. 340 more words


Kumbaya -- What a Wonderful World

While I’ve been busy living out my own life’s petty dramas, though they don’t seem so petty when I’m besieged by them, the whole world seems to have spun off its axis: 317 more words