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Beowulf – Waking the kundalini

More on kundalini awakening can be found here:


Understanding “Grendel” or kundalini syndrome:


Beowulf – “Grendel”…the conflict and contradictory impulses arising from kundalini



We had the room to ourselves though it seats nearly 80 people.  A pure white geodesic dome nestled in a nook, in a fold of a North Carolina hillside.   1,004 more words


Spiritual Reality

Wake up to your divinity!!!

I did a 10 day meditation course at one of the center’s of Vipassana  in the year 2003. Its a Buddhist meditation, one has to stay at the center for 10 days , be in complete silence throughout the stay. 325 more words


Kundalini Yoga and Kick Ass Pasta

I’ve never been very coordinated. Watching me dance is usually an exercise in comedy and I’m pretty sure I trip more than the average person. I once tried out for a college dance team (what was I thinking?!?!?) and came in dead last out of about 200 girls. 857 more words

The Desert Rose

What is the desert? the innate way of unfoldment: truth.

In the Red Book, Jung journeyed and wrote: “Walking around in a circle I happen to return to myself and to him, the solitary one, who lives down in the depths hidden from the light, held securely by the warm bosom of the rock, above him the glowing desert and sharp resplendent skies. 1,091 more words

The Tree Of Life

More Experiences of Energy

This is what I wrote in July 2012.

Its been few days that I am experiencing the surge of energy in my chakras. Today I am feeling a lot of energy surge in the Vishudhdhi Chakra, .ie., the throat chakra. 928 more words


First experience with spiral energy

After few days I again attended the Sufi dance session and at the end of the session I could feel all my chakras, i.e the energy centers in the spine,spinning. 1,003 more words