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Healing through Grace

I am experiencing what I believe to be the second major shift in my Kundalini life after the recent solar eclipse and the Divine union of my masculine and feminine energies. 395 more words


The Road to Recovery

My awakening journey has not been an easy one.  When my Kundalini energy was awakened, I was still struggling with emotional issues from my childhood trauma. 297 more words


The Glow of Divine Union

Light seeps through cracks on walls,

As shadows fall away.

Through obscurity are the images,

On torn walls of my past,

Reminding me to move forward. 68 more words


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Experiencing Divine Union

Just as my Reiki practitioner predicted that the solar eclipse yesterday would facilitate my Divine Union, and it did.  I want to share with you what this union felt like.   232 more words


Divine Masculine and Feminine Union

This weekend, I had a transformational experience during my Reiki session.  My Reiki practitioner is an intuitive healing who has been helping me with my chakra blockages for the last several months.     273 more words


Coming Full Circle

Recently, I read about how Kundalini energy may be activated through a love relationship or through a spiritual healer.  My Kundalini energy rose in March 2011 after reuniting with a love relationship from another lifetime who is Kundalini active in this lifetime.   240 more words


Revelations I

During our spiritual journeys, we come to moments of clarity, understanding clearly what is happening to us and in our lives, also known as a revelation.   299 more words