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Coming Full Circle

Recently, I read about how Kundalini energy may be activated through a love relationship or through a spiritual healer.  My Kundalini energy rose in March 2011 after reuniting with a love relationship from another lifetime who is Kundalini active in this lifetime.   240 more words


Revelations I

During our spiritual journeys, we come to moments of clarity, understanding clearly what is happening to us and in our lives, also known as a revelation.   299 more words


Cleansing and Healing with the Root Lock

In the past I’ve written about complimentary opposites like grounding and reaching, pushing and pulling, expanding and contracting, but never in relationship to the bandhas or the yogic locks. 780 more words


Healing Energy Cords

In the energy body, we have cords of energy extending from our our chakras, and meridians.  When we have emotional wounds, they create injured cords extending from our energy fields that can attach to others who also are emotionally wounded.   241 more words