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Saturn and the Kundalini

Saturn with Mars rules the Muladhara, the root or base chakra.  Saturn works to create a stable base for the Kundalini energy to flow.  The base chakra is vital and it is important that this chakra is both strong and stable.   2,345 more words

Planets And Kundalini

The Glow of Divine Union

Light seeps through cracks on walls,

As shadows fall away.

Through obscurity are the images,

On torn walls of my past,

Reminding me to move forward. 69 more words


Reflections of Change

For those of us working on emotional healing and ascension through our Kundalini energy, we feel an incredible fast speed in which our growth and healing takes place.   311 more words


Judith Watts: Kundalini Energy in 21st Century Terms

Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Steve Beckow: Longtime reader Judith Watts looks back on her life as a lightworker.

As the Annual Kundalini Conference in Flesherton, Ontario (ICR – Institute of Consciousness Research) approaches in a few days, I have been sending out information encouraging attendance. 1,289 more words

A New Paradigm

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Judith Watts: Kundalini Energy in 21st Century Terms Jul25 by Wes Annac



Have you ever had one of those experiences that changes your perspective / outlook on life for ever? Or experienced such a cataclysmic mind shift that your whole understanding changes overnight? 1,877 more words

Divine Feminine

Harvest Time: Opening Deeper All The Time.

Here is a post that I wrote on December 4 last year, I was scrolling back through when this one caught my eye and at the risk of being a bit mushy, I smiled at what I wrote just days after my Beloved and I came together for the first time. 343 more words

Find What Works for Your Awakening

In reading many different Kundalini awakening experiences, everyone has a different experience.  As we have different emotional experiences and different emotional landscapes reflecting different energy bodies, thus our Kundalini energy will react differently within our energy bodies.   192 more words