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1/20: Moore's From Hell, Gestalt Principles, and Aesthetics Over Logic; also, My Piece of Shit Car Breaks Again

My piece of shit cunt kicking scum sucking ass licking cock of a car stopped again, so to put this in negative terms:

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"The unbearable lightness of being"

Life is beautiful, but it is not fair, not fair at all.

Life is a kind of an old, perhaps even a bit grumpy, teacher who gets into the classroom on an early Monday morning and first gives a surprise test to his students, and only afterwards treats them with a lecture which was the basis for passing the test. 804 more words

Our own cowardice

-Milan Kundera, The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Porque es precisamente así como se componen las vidas humanas.

Se componen como una pieza de música. El hombre, llevado por su sentido de la belleza, convierte un acontecimiento casual en un motivo que pasa ya a formar parte de la composición de su vida.

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It’s a thing to muster, tolerance is. When man thinks of tolerance as his virtue and when he uses that, he often fails to realize the condescension that he shows with a lion hearted embrace  to many of different race or religion or someone at a lower rung of the social strata. 364 more words


La passone per l’estremismo è desiderio di morte mascherato (Kundera)