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Book Club #1: The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera

There are many things I did not know going into this novel. 1) That it would make me think; 2) That it was written in 1984; and, 3) That it took place in a different time period, country, and during a wave of political unrest. 753 more words


“Milan Kundera argues,..the demonic see nothing around them but shit. ..Tabloid journalists are demonic,..not evil. ..Evil entails believing in value if only to negate it. Milton’s Satan is not demonic, but the devil of Thomas Mann’s Doctor Faustus is.” – terry eagleton


A pale handkerchief

Sits inside a hardcover book.

The fabric

As I hold it up against my face

Feels cool and smooth


Faintly of musty books…

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“Happy home. Gunshot. End of innocence.”

“Camus. Sisyphus. Life’s myths shattered forever.”

“Heart sputters. Surgery. Forever on pills.”

“Kundera. Lightness. Looking for love henceforth.”

“Kierkegaard, Fear. 43 more words

Ignorance (Milan Kundera)

Ignorance is a novel about immigration. It changes our reaction to the people involved, though, by referring to them as émigrés instead of immigrants. Immigrants are itinerant laborers from Latin America, southern Asia, or some other slightly disreputable country. 2,087 more words