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Zheng Dao Lo Open National Tournament, 16th Nov

The last ZDL Tournament of 2014 came to pass on Sunday 16th November. The slick runnings of the organisers coupled with Ed Craig’s effortless MC’ing made for an incredibly enjoyable day. 829 more words

Martial Arts

The Will to Practice Martial Arts

I wrote on this person in a previous entry.

Over a year ago, I was looking up Xing Yi Quan online, out of desire to learn it. 1,271 more words

The perfect exercise

In modern life, time is in short supply and a person wants to get the best possible benefits from any new endeavour they undertake. 
Harvard Medical School suggests that tai chi may indeed be the perfect exercise. 74 more words

Newcastle Tai Chi


The danger with the web is that people can write whatever they like, with no particular consideration for facts.

e.g. http://www.mokurendojo.com/2008/12/newsflash-aikido-is-not-internal.html

The author freely admits to having no grasp of taoism, taoist principles and no real sense of what internal means. 49 more words

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The String Cheese Incident - Rosie - The Capitol Theater - 11.12.14 :: Video

Check out this video of The String Cheese Incident performing “Rosie” with the help of Kung Fu keyboardist Todd Stoops at The Capitol Theatre earlier this month. 69 more words


How To Change in Lop Sau

This is one of three video installments explaining three stages of hand training.

Wing Chun

A Chivalrous Lady (侠女 Xiá Nǚ) and Reverence for the Natural (崇尚自然 Chóngshàng zìrán)

I recently watched A Chivalrous Lady (侠女), a 1969 Taiwanese Kung Fu movie, with one of my language partners here.

//Warning: Spoilers below//

One of the things I loved most about the movie was how true to life it felt. 164 more words