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If it was My Kid...

It was 45 minutes on the treadmill this morning, followed by 20 minutes of dynamic tension exercises, full tension at medium speed. Kata followed, and then I stretched my upper and lower body for about 20 minutes. 307 more words

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BRUTAL: One Week Update

Last Monday I started writing my home invasion movie BRUTAL. As some of you may know, I write everything out by hand first because I can’t bring my laptop to work, but I CAN bring a notebook to scribble in furiously. 202 more words

Dojo Five: Top Five Underrated Wang Tao Films

As you can guess, at The Film Fan Dojo we are fans of Wang Tao and his movies. Wang Tao, in my opinion, should be ranked up there with the best old school kung fu screen fighters. 347 more words

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Opération Séduction 10: White Shoulders

White Shoulders is a favorite perfume of mine, very feminine and old-fashioned. It smells like gardenia, lily-of-the-valley, lilac, and tuberose. My mother wears it. I have bought it a couple of times, but my perfume allergy always kicks in if I use it. 1,718 more words

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Two More Pounds

The damn gym was closed again, so no elliptical for me. Ok, enough of the temper tantrum.

On the plus side, I did some more katas, the yang 48, and “shadow boxed” single and double push hands. 135 more words

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Supreme ultimate fist

Taijiquan is pronounced ‘tie jee chwan’. The name means ‘supreme ultimate fist’ or ‘absolute boxing’.
It is a martial art based upon the yin/yang concept. … 12 more words

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Taijiquan offers a wide range of benefits that will affect your everyday life:

• Get fit
• Increased stamina and endurance
• Stress-relief
• The release of deeply-held muscular tension… 45 more words

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