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mutant cyborg bully revenge

This dream had me drifting back and forth between sleep and semi-consciousness, so the lines between dream and daydream are blurred. Principally it was about me being a person in a highschool. 446 more words


Give Holiday Frustrations a Kicking

The holiday season can be a hectic time, especially in the big apple. Endless parties, jam-packed stores, end-of-year work responsibilities etc can pile on to be a bit much. 161 more words


Christmas Show

Join us this sunday at 11 am Pacific Time, for our Holiday Sunday Brunch Show! We’ll recap the year, and talk about holiday traditions around the world. 33 more words

Wing Chun Malaysia - WSL Ving Tsun Kuen Hok

Classic Footage of Gwoh Sau practice taken in Hong Kong, 1984

Wing Chun

Pokret je zdravlje

Ne postoji kultura na ovoj planeti koja nema određeni sistem fizičkog vežbanja ili aktivnosti (sporta) kojima se aktivno ispunjava slobodno vreme. Nastankom i istorijom fizičkog vežbanja ćemo se pozabaviti neki drugi put, danas ćemo se pozabaviti isključivo efektima fizičkog vežbanja iz zdravstvenog ugla. 677 more words

Kung Fu

Countdown to 2015

Tonight is the works Christmas party, and although I am looking forward to it, it reminds me that this crappy year is drawing to a close. 205 more words

Tae Kwon Do

Hard Style and Soft Style Martial Arts

Sometimes one would see references to ‘hard’ style and ‘soft’ style martial arts. To many non-martial artists, these terms may be puzzling. In North America, these terms are used to classify martial art styles into two main categories. 531 more words

Martial Arts