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Counting down

Momma not much time left if I am sticking to the original plan. Have booked myself in for a massage on Wednesday, a sports one :-) but have a feeling it is really really going to hurt. 98 more words


People like the idea of tai chi chuan but not necessarily the reality.
They want a quick fix, instant fighting skills or the ability to perform beautifully choreographed routines after a couple of lessons. 40 more words

Newcastle Tai Chi

Day 50 continued

I just returned from the gym after doing my weight lifting routine. I remember my dad doing 3 day splits when I was growing up, so I know I can do more in the realm of weights. 66 more words

Training Journal

Where, Exactly, Did these Martial Arts Come From?

Was Shaolin the Birthplace of the Martial Arts?

History is a bastard. Written by the conquerors, it is a fairy tale designed to entertain…and it is designed to please those who would wonder. 479 more words

Choy Lee Fut

Sibling Kung Fu

So I have a brother and a sister. They now both do Kung Fu. This makes life at home quite interesting. My sister has been doing Kung Fu as long as me. 243 more words

Kung Fu


I apologize if you saw this movie over the weekend.  I saw it on Thursday but thought I needed a day to sleep on it.  Then I forgot I saw it. 181 more words


Shang Chi gets Deadlier in DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG-FU #1

The Master of Kung-Fu returns for an all-new limited series full of murder, mystery and martial arts in DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG-FU #1 – from the creative team of… 135 more words