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Tell or Don't Tell: A Gongfu Dilemma

One day a visitor said,

So-and so is a cheat. He does XYZ!

What is XYZ? As it happens, XYZ is a principle of Wuzuquan…

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To be a man, try being a father

Take it from a six foot five Russian martial arts instructor: you do not have to act macho to be a man, all you need to do is become a father and then behave like one. 1,141 more words

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Tune in Tomorrow...

Tune in to the Dojo Podcast, tomorrow, Wednesday October 22 for the second part of my conversation with Sifu Frank Bolte.It promises to be some good old fashioned kickin’ it about our love of martial arts and kung fu movies. 21 more words

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Who is John Tao?

The first installment of the Modern Masters series, focuses on a young Shaolin Kung fu prodigy from Garland Texas. 6 more words

John Tao

Canadian Martial Arts Association / Styles / Kung-Fu

Information about Kung-Fu can be found at the following Wikipedia link; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kung_Fu

Brian K Leishman
Founder / Martial Art Educator
Canadian Martial Arts Association


Qigong Takes You To The Peak Of Your Power

When the Bodhidharma arrived at The Shaolin Temple he found the monks were weak from sitting meditation so he developed a unique system of exercises called Qigong to energize the monks and help them gain enlightenment. 439 more words

Ki Gong

smile meditation

Ah, smile meditation… one of my favorites. This meditation is a great foundational exercise for any level of practitioner, from beginner to advanced. It teaches you how to stay in a relaxed and happy state at all times which ends up coming handy in many situations. 446 more words