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The One Thing Everyone in Israel Seems to Agree On: John Kerry Blew It

John Kerry: Someone who millions of Thais, Israelis, Kurds, and Americans can all agree upon:… http://t.co/fTkyOdVV3O

— Michael Yon (@Michael_Yon) July 29, 2014

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RT: Israeli PM Netanyahu endorses Kurdish independence citing chaos in Iraq

Published time: June 29, 2014 17:39
Edited time: June 29, 2014 19:33

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (AFP Photo / Jack Guez)

Citing the “collapse” of Iraq amid the ISIS insurgency and sectarian violence, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has endorsed the de-facto independence of Iraqi Kurds. 463 more words


[VIDEO] The Hammer: 'Can Anyone Rely on U.S. Under Obama?'

From The Corner: Since the U.S. cannot work with Iran, Iraq must choose between Iran and the U.S. for its ally, Charles Krauthammer said on a… 60 more words


Iraq : Kurds dream of separate state as their forces seize Kirkuk

It was the happiest day of her life when she finally went to Kirkuk, said Shilan Saidi, 33, a film-maker who describes herself as a… 602 more words


RT: West’s bloody game still played out in Iraq

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Published time: June 11, 2014 09:58

Iraqi families fleeing violence in the northern Nineveh province gather at a Kurdish checkpoint in Aski kalak, 40 kms West of Arbil, in the autonomous Kurdistan region, on June 10, 2014.(AFP Photo / Safin Hamed) 549 more words