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Roj Kadin Vakfı ‘Kadına Karşı Şiddete Hayır’ Demek İçin Koşmaya Hazırlanıyor

Roj Kadın Vakfı 22 Haziran tarihinde Hackney’de gerçekleşecek olan yarım maratona yani 21km koşuya 14 üyesi ile koşmaya hazırlanıyor. Maratona 14 üyenin 12’si kadın olmak üzere 2 de erkek koşucu katılım sağlıyacaktır. 196 more words

Kurdish Women

Pinar Selek: 15 years of State harassment

Pinar Selek is a feminist sociologist who has been imprisoned and harassed by the Turkish government for nearly fifteen years now on fabricated charges after Pinar wrote a thesis on the subject of the Kurds. 125 more words

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London Green MEP visits Kurdish Community Centre

London’s Green Euro-MP Jean Lambert has visited a Kurdish Community Centre in North London to discuss the role Kurdish people are playing in bringing stability to Syria – and how best to develop the peace process between the Turkish government and Kurds ahead of August’s Presidential election in Turkey. 98 more words

Kurdish Women

Latest publication: An overview of Kurdish women's struggles in the UK

Roj Women has made it again. Another year of hard work and achievements. A new membership scheme and on-going employability services, more lobbying in international forums for women’s rights and an open invitation to participate in a research project about the Kurdish Women’s Movement are some of the issues you will find in our latest… 199 more words

Kurdish Women

Kurdish Women Are Victims of a Legacy of Violence

Violence against women in the Kurdistan Region has its roots in the violence of the former Iraqi regime, says poet, writer and academic researcher Choman Hardi, who has written a book about the widows of genocide, the suffering of women during and because of the Anfal campaign against the Kurds. 1,113 more words

Violence Against Women

Partner Nafsiyat offers psychotherapy for Turkish speaking Haringey residents

Roj Women’s partner Nafsiyat Intercultural Therapy Centre is now offering Group Psychotherapy to Turkish speaking Haringey residents as part of their new Haringey Include Project. 104 more words

Kurdish Women

Women join the Kurdish fight in Syria

Syrian Kurds are fighting for an autonomous region in the northeast of the country. They have largely managed to drive out Assad’s troops. Now they’re fighting the Islamists. 738 more words

Kurdish Women