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Save the date: The Kurt Anniversary Event

Get out your iPhones and open up your Google Calendar app….or if you’re Kurt, open up your 2012 Goats in Trees calendar, and mark the date!   160 more words



Last week I was driving after class to my bank, and as I get out of my car I notice this man who is sitting at the steps of the bank with two sets of luggage and some bags that seem to carry all the things that he owns. 640 more words


MariaDB VARCHAR foreign key reference with extra white space

I have a field in one table that references a field in another table. The foreign key constraint is working as it should, but if I add (UPDATE) an extra space character to the end of the field in the referencing table then the constraint is not enforced and the update is allowed even though the values differ. 47 more words

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Seattle-Based Band Takes World By Storm With New Drummer and New Album

The ’80s were fun. Leading up into the 90’s was even better.

I was in Seattle at the time. The grunge scene was fairly evident across the city, punk bands were beginning to make an appearance, so I decided to try and start a band. 280 more words


Kurt and Courtney

So I just got finished watching Kurt and Courtney, which is a documentary that was made in 1998 that veeery loosely looks at the rumours surrounding Kurt Cobain’s death and, slightly more specifically, whether or not Courtney Love was involved in the whole incident. 538 more words


shared libraries error trying to run executable

I’m trying to run an executable off the command line in a linux cluster environment. The error message I get states ‘libssh2.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory’. 98 more words

When do two $n \times n$ matrices $A, B$ have the property that $AB = BA$?

As we all know that two $n \times n$ matrices $A, B$
need not have the relation $AB = BA.$ But when do two $n \times n$ matrices have such a property? 13 more words