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Bruce Roll: The Complete Trilogy

Watch the entire first season of JSM’s Bruce Roll here in its entirity.




I hope you all had a great time, We sure did! 10 more words

Nick Ronzani

Für und wider dem Wahnsinn - Vonneguts Kultbuch "Frühstück für Champions"

Wenn ich dazu ansetze Kurt Vonneguts Buch “Breakfast of Champions” als eine Kreuzung zwischen Douglas Adams, Richard Brautigan und Michael Moore (mit einem Schuss Mounty Python) zu bezeichnen, laufe ich natürlich Gefahr, mit einem dieser Namen potenzielle Leser zu vergrämen oder überdosierte Erwartungen zu wecken, die das Buch dann doch nicht im Sinne seiner Vergleichsobjekte erfüllen kann. 246 more words


K is for Kayleigh

Or quite possibly Kevin. Unless you’re an ultrasonographer (yeah, that probably ought to be ultrasound technician or something. After my dissertation I’ve actually picked up a thing or two about the diagnostic technique. 319 more words

Why is the truth always better?

I am a truthful person.

I can’t understand why girls generally smile and act friendly towards those they actually hate or find seriously annoying. I’m not saying that I’d spit in other people’s drinks or trip them in the hallway because I don’t like them. 1,536 more words

Kurt Peterson, MBA Northwestern Mutual

I am Kurt Peterson, MBA, and I am a wealth management advisor with Northwestern Mutual who draws on over 20 years of experience in assisting my clients. 85 more words

KURT/////////////////////////LA GUARD "12

I remember him, carrying a huge bouquet of red roses. With pride in his voice he told me the roses are a gift for his mother. 141 more words