The Task: Watch and write about every movie on my shelf, in order (Blu-rays are sorted after DVDs), by June 10, 2015.  Remaining movies: 296   672 more words


Dead Poets Society

Name: Dead Poets Society

Director: Peter Weir

Year: 1989

Rating: 4 Stars

This movie has been on my watch list for some time.  I’ve always heard good things about it, and I keep coming across it on other people’s favorite movie lists.  331 more words

4 Stars

Dead Poets Society (1989) Review

When English teacher John Keating arrives for the new school year he would teach a group of boys not only a love for poetry but for life as well, carpe diem … seize the day! 546 more words


Dead Poets Society - 1989

If there was a film that demonstrated Robin Williams’ acting abilities for both a comedic and dramatical role, it would “Dead Poets Society”; a picture that explores rebellion, pride, discovery, tragedy and unity across a magical and inspiring journey, lead by John Keating, a uniquely impassioned English teacher.  335 more words

Ep 69: Dead Poets Society (1989) vs. Good Will Hunting (1997)

Our tribute to one of the best, Robin Williams (1951-2014).  This is a fight between two Oscar winning dramas that feature Robin Williams as a mentor. 20 more words


Robocop (1987) vs Robocop (2014)

I have written reviews for almost a thousand movies.  Whether I should be proud of that, or somewhat embarrassed is not entirely clear.  I mention it to provide some context.  1,884 more words


Broken Arrow (1996)

Director: John Woo

Writer: Graham Yost (Screenplay)

Starring: John Travolta, Christian Slater, Samantha Mathis, Delroy Lindo, Bob Gunton, Frank Whaley, Kurtwood Smith… 438 more words