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The Horror

At end of Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, The Commissioner is so intrigued by the suicide of Okonkwo he says that he might write a whole chapter in his upcoming book about him.  922 more words


Eight years after Grandfather’s death and it only makes sense to me now; we are all going to die someday.

Grandfather passed away on a winter night when he had gone to sleep and never woken up. 1,721 more words

What Does "Secular Humanism" Mean? Or What is a "Humanist"?

Secular Humanism is the most widely accepted system of belief in the world today. Since its inception in the late 1800s, the founding fathers of Secular Humanism have embarked on a diabolical, covert war for the hearts and minds of recent generations of America’s youth.  1,117 more words


The Horror, The Horror

The Horror, The Horror

I live alone in a paradise,

Cold and hermited in a dark expanding safe,

I try to huddle with you for warmth, 266 more words


Andrew Augustus Robe

Andrew Augustus Robe
b. 20 January 1840, Morgan County, Indiana, to William Henry and Nancy Jane (St. John) Robe
d. 2 August 1892, Waverly, Coffey County, Kansas… 78 more words

Franklin County

Two Emails

Between ethics complaint #1, ethics complaint #2, my site, Take Back Brookfield, The Brookfield Parent Alliance, and PEP Talk, and God knows what else, the BRTC is a bit grumbly.   2,063 more words



You dare cross before my godly rule?

Every time your kind believes that they

can do a better work than I, another one

is sent to trample on my hallowed land. 180 more words