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"Johnny Got His Gun" (1971.) - Masterpiece!

100 years has passed since WW1.  Somehow, that anniversary isn’t mentioned in the popular media nearly enough as it should.  Some people called WW1 “the war that’ll end all wars” and they were terribly mistaken. 1,282 more words

Movie Review

The Brookfieldians, No. 2

This week’s contribution from Homer Droll.  Enjoy!

Try to have a good day Brookfield…


OMDE 603: Post #4 Web 2.0

Being a product of both traditional education and distance education classes for both my undergraduate and masters programs and my professional schooling, I have come to understand the use of Bloom’s Taxonomy and its breakout of the learning process.   302 more words

OMDE 603 - Technology In DE And E-Learning

Clarifying Oil

Get it?  I’m clarifying a point about the oil contract, but oil the substance is not clear, it’s black and slimy.  I’m being punny.  (The school budget thing really drained me today.) 306 more words


Slick Plastic

You know what doesn’t mix with oil?  Water?  No silly!  The correct answer is BOF members!

Eventually, the BOE meeting from 3/19 will get posted here… 730 more words


On Conrad's quote on Adventure

Adventure by itself is but a phantom, a dubious shape without a heart.

Perhaps the core of this view lies in the unanticipated shape or ‘form’ which the word ‘adventure’ brings. 264 more words


The mission civilisatrice that ends with heads impaled on poles

In Conrad, writes Dalrymple, there is not just linguistic mastery but ‘a cognitive and a moral quality’. Art, entertainment, and moral purpose are ‘indivisible’.

Probity was perhaps the highest good, the moral quality Conrad admired most; for him, very distant goals diluted probity and finally dissolved it….The good that resulted from doing something with all one’s might had to be tangible or immediate, and not so far removed that it entailed or permitted the doing of evil in the name of the eventual good that it would supposedly produce.

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Conrad, Joseph