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The Cannibal Taboo

I remember seeing an old Harvard Lampoon magazine that did a cover on the Ladies Home Journal. One of the articles was titled “Why People Secretly Fear Murderers” Well, that’s obvious, I thought…because there’s a reasonable chance the murderer may murder you next. 675 more words

Bebek Bezi Değiştirmek Ve Seçmek

Bebek Bezi Nasıl Seçilir?

Bebek bezi seçiminde bebeğinizin sağlığı ve konforu için göz önünde bulundurmanız gereken birkaç önemli nokta var. Öncelikle, bezin bebeğinizin kilosu için uygun olduğundan emin olmalısınız. 520 more words


Compiling python3.4 with a updated openssl library

I have an older version of Openssl that I no longer want to use with python3.4 programs. I have been using the following configure options… 71 more words

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Unable to connect the Android app with mysql

Need Help

i am currently developing a android application, the first part of this app is the log in part where i having the trouble. 96 more words

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The font color of the matter inside the contents section is blue. How to reset the font color to black for the entire document?

The font color of contents section and list of figures and list of tables sections is blue in color in the existing preamble.

Answer @ … 11 more words