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The End of An Era

In recent months, blogging in Kuwait has somewhat changed. Some bloggers returned back to their native lands and decided blogging just wasn’t for them, their lives took other directions and real life caught up with them. 520 more words


I am A Champion ! - One of the greatest motivational speeches

I was shown this video a few months back as an example of how to motivate and influence people. It’s a great video if you want to get pumped up before a game or a workout. 36 more words

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Nauru blondes.......coming to sweep you off your feet

My wife just received this random whatsapp message. Has anyone else come across these types of incites?

The country code suggests the message was recieved from Spain but the call back number shows the blonde is in… 64 more words

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Extending learning w/ global collaboration - Middle School Art

One of my favorite things as a coach is to work with a teacher and then see them take the initiative. Last year as part of my… 369 more words


Burning Questions Protocol

At Learning 2.014 in Africa this year I was a cohort facilitator of the Middle/High School Tech Leaders cohort with Sol. Leading up to the conference and during our first meeting it was our job to collect ‘burning questions’, desired takeaways or goals for the conference from our cohort members. 379 more words


Arabish and I don't mean the writing style

When I talk about arabish, I don’t mean the arabic english writing form we’ve all become too familiar with – the arabic chat alphabet. No, I’m talking about when people speak a mix of arabic and english. 266 more words

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Thomas Newman - The Inspirational Composer

If ever there were a composer who moved me, actually penetrated the depths of my soul, it would unequivocally be Mr. Thomas Newman. He possess a unique ability to put together the exact right notes and other musical magic that is emotional yet inspiring, sad yet riveting. 184 more words

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