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Cloudkicker , talk Djenty to me

Here’s another one of those unique bands that strike a chord in me! I’m talking about some down-right, bad ass beats from the one man band Ben Sharp AKA Cloudkicker. 110 more words

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The follies of translation - speak Engrish prease!!

I really enjoy the site www.engrish.com because it has hours of entertainment! one of the above pictures is taken from their site. The other photo I snapped while in Hawally a few days ago – which I also thought was nice. 126 more words

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Dean & Deluca - The Avenues Mall

Anytime your craving a waffle or pancakes, pass by Dean & Deluca at the Avenues and they’re sure to help you out. We usually go for weekend breakfast and they normally don’t disappoint – ok, on a few occasions they did. 14 more words

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Twin Toddler Birthday Survivor!!

So yesterday our identical twin girls turned 3, yay!!  I can’t believe how fast the past 3 years flew by,  although the first year is pretty much a giant blur…I thought raising a baby was hard,  until I had two,  that made everything I did with my four singletons look like a piece of cake,  but that’s a post for another time!   68 more words


Beggars can't be choosers, or so you think

Well, actually they can and my wife experienced it only days ago. Loitering outside a hospital was one of those woman that creep up on you just as you’re entering your car. 186 more words

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Free business ideas for Kuwait!

During my various day dreaming sessions – many silly and maybe viable – business ideas have roamed in limbo in my head. Now some of them might be stupid, but you never know unless you try. 235 more words

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Madame Mantis - Quick Review

Tucked away in the small courtyard of the Al Mutawaa Mall in Shuwaikh Industrial Area is a very nice furniture shop with a modern and contemporary touch. 101 more words

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