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So long and Goodbye......a thing called Friendship

Friendship is a strange and bewildering thing. When I was younger, I used to hate large gatherings. They made me uncomfortable because I was so shy and introverted. 640 more words

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It's strange how the world works sometimes

This has probably happened to you at least a few times in your life. An unexplainable coincidence.

I was going to my favourite nikhi ow bagila shop and I almost always take the same thing – 3 nikhi. 292 more words

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Sex after having a baby

Wife: it’s been a while since we…………you know ;)

Husband: ya, i know. hathel 9gher sheg’na (the little guy is tear’n us a new one)!! 415 more words

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Assessment, Descriptors and Report Cards

What do you expect to see on a Report Card?
An overall grade? A result based on one exam or continuous formative and/or summative assessment? 329 more words


Good Vibrations - Those embarrassing moments

It’s been a while since I last posted something and I’m not sure¬†what’s compelling me to write this one.

Have you ever been in one of those awkward situations when you’re riding in a car – or worse a bus, train, public transport – and you get a woody. 301 more words

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Praising in your classroom may be demolishing self-esteem

There has been a large amount of controversy lately on classroom methods, classroom teaching methods and about methods by which we praise our students do you praise the weaker students? 421 more words


The End of An Era

In recent months, blogging in Kuwait has somewhat changed. Some bloggers returned back to their native lands and decided blogging just wasn’t for them, their lives took other directions and real life caught up with them. 520 more words