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Kuwait International Airport - Passport Control are out of control

Has anyone else noticed the woman working at passport control at Kuwait International Airport? Is it just me or are they strange looking? They either have clown make-up on, a collagen overdose or a botox accident; worst are those with a combination of all three! 180 more words

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The Cheesecake Factory Kuwait - The Avenues Mall - Restaurant Review

No! and the answer to your second question is …… No, most probably not!

This place’s been open for some time now and every time we pass by we’re curious to have a try. 591 more words

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Esteban - a World of Home fragrances and perfumes

In a small shop, on a small street, in a small town, near a big city is where the discovery began. She was introduced to Esteban – the makers of unique french perfumes and home fragrances while browsing that small shop and has been in love with them ever since. 329 more words

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Another review

Yesterday we went to have lunch at the Grove. I heard about it from a friend so I told my husband and kids lets go check it out. 415 more words


Le Sushi Bar - Restaurant Review

Le Sushi Bar’s been open for some time now and plenty reviewed. We never had a chance to go until recently.

What we ordered:-

Fresh Crab Salad  5.500 KD… 153 more words

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Nikhi ow Bajil'la Review

There’s an on going search for the best nikhi ow bajil’la (chickpeas and fava beans) in Kuwait – by me and mine at least. We’ve tried at least 10 places around Kuwait and seemed to have settled on the Jabriya Block 12 shop (near Jabriya Sultan Center). 207 more words

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Cloudkicker , talk Djenty to me

Here’s another one of those unique bands that strike a chord in me! I’m talking about some down-right, bad ass beats from the one man band Ben Sharp AKA Cloudkicker. 110 more words

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