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A Forerunner: Kuwait's 1 Baiza Coin of AH 1304 (1887)

The area that is today Kuwait has seen a wide array of coins throughout the centuries: Abbasid dirhams and dinars, Ottoman paras and liras, Austrian thalers, Indian rupees and others. 388 more words


Outings around Kuwait

Spending a long hot summer in Kuwait is a challenge when you want to make sure your kids are entertained…. As much as you are creative in the home they really do need a change of scenery before driving you crazy. 428 more words


Trade and investment: Asia has competitive edge over GCC

Arab News, 21 August 2014

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) recently published its annual “Business Environment Ranking” for 2014.
The report is currently ranking Qatar in the 21st place out of 82 countries, among the top 25 percent of the world and the highest within GCC countries. 147 more words


How we spent our Summer in Kuwait

I can’t believe there’s just 2 weeks left for my girls to go back to school. I feel like it was just yesterday that it was their last day and I was beginning to hyperventilate thinking how will I keep them occupied. 252 more words


Digital Pictures

I can’t decide if digital pictures are a curse or a blessing. We are blessed to have such amazing technology that we can take pictures and videos with our smart phones… Any time, any place, instant development, over and above we can share them on our social media for basically Everyone in the world to see….. 145 more words



Today we pick up our bags and step out into the unknown.

Today we hug our families goodbye.

Today we take a risk.

Today we get on an airplane and hope we are making the right decision. 27 more words

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