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The Oz Land - The Dome Mall

I’ve heard a lot about this place. My colleagues/teachers talked a lot about it but I wasn’t sure where it was located until one of them took her kids and then told me where is it exactly. 140 more words


Earth Day احتفال بيوم الارض في حديقة الروضة

ماكدونالدز ارسلت لنا دعوة لحضور الاحتفال بيوم الارض

في حديقة الروضة من ٥ الى ٧ مساءا

يوم الخميس ٢٤ ابريل

اللي حاب يودي عياله باجر للمشاركة بفعاليات يوم الارض


Kuwait court shuts two newspapers over articles

A Kuwaiti court has temporarily suspended the publication of two independent newspapers over articles about a secret probe into allegations of a coup plot to overthrow the Gulf monarchy’s government, the official state news agency reported Sunday. 204 more words


Closer to your lip shade lipsticks

My very natural lipsticks that looks so close to the color of my lips , or anyone else’s lips . Great for everyday , creamy and with great quality . 17 more words


On-Boarding At Its Finest!

So Kuwait is practically around the corner (hand over face), 10 weeks ago I flew out for my final interview. 1 week later I was offered the job; I couldn’t refused to say no! 269 more words


Feel Like Spider-Man

The building of the Argentine (silver), by the artist Leandro Erlich is a treat for kids and adults alike. The shiny metals used in this project will act as mirrors and reflect the image on the ground to look like climbing the building. 29 more words