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Wczoraj przeglądając lokalne newsy natknęłam się na artykuł o Czarnej Liście Pracodawców w Trójmieście – CZARNA LISTA.  Z zainteresowaniem zajrzałam i przeczytałam zarówno sam artykuł – od deski do deski – jak również wpisy pokrzywdzonych pracowników na profilu na FB. 403 more words

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Is Home Staging Effective?

Walking into a home, you’re senses are immediately struck. Your nose picks up an aroma, your eyes draw in all of the features, your ears pick up on any sounds coming from the lights, fans or appliances, and your mind begins to race. 181 more words

Un-Pho-Nominal Pho

Disclaimer: The following review is the written opinion of one of our writers and in no way represents the collective attitudes of uWAFFLE, nor is it meant to be defamatory in any sense. 336 more words


29 minutes: Build a system of data banking and Gary in a Box

Part of our homework this week was watching the video below, with Gary Keller, around building a database here.

Part of me was psyched to find the link on our site, … 219 more words


Semakin Sengsara Semakin Cinta

Semakin Sengsara Semakin Cinta

Dilema, tidak hanya dirasakan saat orang yang lagi naksir kekasihnya, tapi selalu diemohi, begitu juga ketika biker mulai merasakan ditunggangi motor, bukannya semakin memudahkan tapi malah bikin ribet. 203 more words


1-4-5 for Ski Shop: More Business AND Ownership

You’ve already read about it if you’re here… if you’ve found this by happenstance (awesome word), the story goes…

Once was a ski owner. Wanted more business. 94 more words