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Beyond the Boundary (Review)

「Beyond the Boundary」

the (mostly) spoiler-free review

“I’m truly glad I came to this town and met you, Senpai.”

Beyond the Boundary (境界の彼方 Kyōkai no Kanata… 957 more words


Clannad: the Good, the Bad, and the After Story part 1

Clannad is a Kyoto Animation interpretation of a Key visual novel, making it utterly unique in that it has a different name than all the other Kyoto/Key works; … 1,045 more words


Mutant Strain: “K-On!” vs. “Hidamari Sketch”

“Mutant Strain” is a planned series that will take two anime with a certain common bond or similarity (members of the same franchise, same genre, and so on) and compare/contrast them. 2,692 more words

Akiyuki Shinbo

Amagi Brilliant Park review

There are an unassailable number of anime out there, too many. Logically then, there are going to be a very large number of truly great anime. 1,134 more words

Anime Review

Under Your Radar: Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!


I wanna fall in love…

The dream will continue
We made a promise, but, deep inside, I’m still scared it might all disappear…

909 more words

Inspector Green Tag: I-I've been tagged!

Maybe because it’s still early 2015, bloggers are bored or they have too much free time waiting for school to resume that they have begun spreading yet another… 1,664 more words