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Achievements Unlocked!

I never thought I’d see the day when I considered boiling water to be an accomplishment. It took me fifteen minutes to figure out why the stove wasn’t lighting when it was literally a two-step process and I was only touching the things they guy told me to. 258 more words


Sayonara, Kyoto!

I still can’t believe that the time passed so quickly and that tomorrow is our last day in Kyoto.

I’ve been very nostalgic these past days, taking long walks and late-afternoon rides with my bike, trying to keep every detail in mind. 397 more words

Life In Japan

A Stroll in Kyoto Imperial Park/Kyoto Gyoen (京都御苑)

When we were planning our honeymoon, and knew that we would be staying in an apartment in the area south of the Imperial Palace in Kyoto (known as the Kyoto Gosho/京都御所), I did some research into the Palace. 1,027 more words


July is "Summer" Movies Month (Daniel's Pick) - "The End of Summer"

The End of Summer (1961; Dir.: Yasujiro Ozu)


By Daniel Barnes

“I was born and here I am. That’s all that matters.”

There is no more powerful a sequence of images in the cinema than a Yasujiro Ozu shot-reverse-shot. 688 more words


It's More Complicated Than It Looks. 31.07.2014

Kimono translates roughly into ‘ wearing thing ‘. There are many different ranks and types of Kimono worn by both men and Women, there’s a huge variety and one can spend days sifting through racks of vintage and new kimono in second hand shops and markets here. 575 more words


Fushimi Inari

Fushimi Inari

A wide eyed stranger

Practicing quiet discipline

My head swims

As if living in a dream

Crowded streets

Temples, prayer ropes

Surrounded by spirits… 52 more words

The torii gate treasures (Kyoto, Japan)

Shrines are symbols of a holy place here in Japan. I am currently in kyoto which is a traditional and historic city in Japan. Faith is a very strong characteristic of Kyoto and its people. 391 more words