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Christopher Russell!

Listen to Christopher Russell offer a quick  walk-through of his solo show at Mark Moore gallery in Culver City:

Titled “”GRFALWKV,” Russell’s current series employs appropriated text, ship masts, birds, brambles, wolves, and floral wallpaper, all whirled into bursts of white light (lens flair produced with a plastic lens), from which his soft renderings radiate out. 114 more words

Pursuit of Zenith

Christian Gill
Pursuit of Zenith
oil on canvas
84 x 102 x 1.5″

Christy Roberts!

Christy Roberts is an artist with a focus on social practice, performance, and community engagement. I sat down with Roberts in Chinatown to hear about about her early background in politics, using gardening as a protest tool, radical pedagogy, and her change in outlook after the Occupy Movement: 27 more words

Tm Gratkowski!

I met with artist Tm Gratkowski to talk about his latest collage works in his Gardena studio. Tm speaks about the process of assembling collage, something something, and slowing viewers down in front of art: 62 more words

LACMA - Favorites - Jay DeFeo, Untitled States

I enjoy this piece mostly for its texture and colors.

Nick Brown!

Talking with Nick Brown in his Highland Park Studio about ice houses, impasto painting, and vanitas:

Brown’s most recent paintings oscillate between very lean and heavy paint appliqué. 99 more words

Massages from the second brain- Opening Fri 4th April 6-9pm

You know its coming but then there it actually is, your early thirties has arrived. It just kind of creeps up on you and then before you know it, has you anxiously by the throat. 379 more words