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ALB - Whispers Under The Moonlight I A Take Away Show

La Blogothèque does it again. Watch ALB perform their charming hit, “Whispers Under The Moonlight” at night in the empty Stade de Reims.


Beautiful song, interesting concept, flawless execution. La Blogotheque can’t lose in my book.


DOM LA NENA | A Take Away Show

Since the World Cup is happening in Brazil, “the country of football”, La Blogothèque is trying to show that there’s more in Brazil than just soccer by doing a series of Take Away Shows with brazilian musicians in São Paulo and Dom La Nena was one of the participants.


A Take Away Show : Rodrigo y Gabriela

ウィークリー・イレギュラー・スペシャルのLa Blogothèque‘A Take Away Show’、本日御覧戴くのは、ロドリーゴ・イ・ガブリエーラ。


2014年リリースの4thスタジオ・アルバム”9 Dead Alive”のシングル・トラック”The Soundmaker”を。


A Take Away Show : Rodrigo y Gabriela | The Soundmaker <April 2014> (click! で、リンク)


Real Estate debuts new song "White Light", covers Weezer's "Say It Ain't So"

Real Estate have filmed a new live session for La Blogothèque. Unlike their last collaboration with the French video producers, which saw them perform… 134 more words


CHELSEA WOLFE - " Lone / House Of Metal "

Chelsea Wolfe performs two songs for the ” LA BLOGOTHEQUE” sessions, her song “Feral Love” featured in the Game of Thrones TV series, these songs are on the latest album PAIN IS BEAUTY


A Take Away Show : Phox

ウィークリー・レギュラーのLa Blogothèque‘A Take Away Show’……



Phox | Calico Man / 1936 : A Take Away Show  <April 2014> (click! で、リンク)