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Guillaume Bottazzi / La Défense

La 1ere partie de l’oeuvre est terminée, les 3 autres tableaux sont en cours d’exécution.
The first part of the artwork is done, 3 more are on process.

Guillaume Bottazzi

La Défense by TT13

Paris, La Defense with a bit of HDR.

As Seen on 500px by TT13 – November 26, 2014 at 02:26PM Sponsored Story
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France! Day 18: 17/11/14

Firstly, say thank you to Esther for looking over my shoulder and forcing me to give her an exclusive preview of this particular post (and every post) because if I don’t, I’ll be making her UNCOMFORTABLE, and that’s UNACCEPTABLE, so it’s IMPOSSIBLE for me not to follow her instructions. 1,224 more words