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Almost There...

This evening I hit the 32 week mark in this pregnancy. The mother within me is rising out and showing herself strong, but in her strength she’s easily agitated and needs space. 673 more words

Breastfeeding: It's Not Always Best

I realize in my last post, I may have sounded like a mother has to breastfeed to be a good mother. I never, ever want to make a mother feel like that. 717 more words

The battle of breastfeeding.

It occurred to me last night, as I wrangled my almost-one-year-old into nursing for all of two minutes, that I think I’m done.  I think I’m ending my breastfeeding journey as of last night.   2,539 more words


Ladies, Breastfeeding Is Beautiful, But The World Doesn't Need To See Your Boobs

Covering up is doable.

Being a firm believer in breastfeeding and coming from a La Leche League household, proponents of public breastfeeding, please take this as a loving criticism: 121 more words


Pregnancy 37w5d

Wow, what a weekend! I feel like we just tried to cram a month of dates into two days since we won’t be doing much more of it soon. 240 more words