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Anita Mechler: Folklore

Just the other day my dad reminded me of one of my favorite childhood folklore tales. It got me thinking about the true definition of “lore”, a story with a lesson. 994 more words

Anita Mechler

L is for La Llorona

Texas’ most famous ghost is La Llorona, the weeping woman. Oh, she’s said to lurk along waterways in the borderlands to California and deep into Mexico, too, but we know her true haunt is south Texas. 168 more words


La Llorona

La Llorona

 Under full moonlight
I wander
the riverbank
for you,
mis hijos,
like raging water,
like your cries,
that night,
my phantom… 218 more words

La Llorona

Si tu decides encantar la muerte de mi cuerpo, La Llorona,
Yo no quiero hacer que tu llores.
Tus gritos son más terrible de lo que yo puedo resistir, La Llorona, 8 more words

Intangible Heritage: Hotel del Salto, Colombia

Colombia has a rich and diverse culture and history, but has been marginalized and placed into a “box” of stereotypes by the Western world. “Colombia” tends to conjure images of drug trafficking and other forms of violence, negative stereotypes that overwhelm other, more positive realities such as a lush natural environment and complex, multicultural history. 747 more words

Nicola Cruz and Minimal Imagination

Let’s go on a walk. It’s down a road that smells like travel and liberation. The stars remind you of another faraway place, but your senses insist that this warm air is… 399 more words