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Eva Longoria llevará leyendas mexicanas a la televisión

Parece que la actriz méxico-americana Eva Longoria está ya con el espíritu de Halloween en mente, ya que ha anunciado que llevará a la televisión una de las leyendas mexicanas que más miedo produce. 406 more words


Another Screenplay Win at Oaxaca

Even if “The Wailing Woman” hadn’t picked up another award at the Oaxaca International Film Fest Saturday night, I would have considered it a huge success for a different reason. 241 more words

Pitching and Focus Group Testing in Mexico

Pitching a La Llorona screenplay in the country where she was invented isn’t about explaining the classic Latin legend. What’s been the key is reminding them why the story scares absolutely everyone. 424 more words

Pitching La Llorona to the Press

It turns out I’m a better reporter than interviewee — at least when the questions are in Spanish. I’m afraid my Sandalista-days Spanish from back in my college years isn’t holding up too well, but I gave it a shot yesterday at the School of Fine Arts Venue at the… 287 more words

Where Is The Wailing Woman? In Oaxaca, por cierto

How perfect is it that I’m back in Oaxaca, at the 5th Annual International Film Festival, with a lanyard around my neck identifying me as “The Wailing Woman.” … 771 more words

Blood on the Rocks

I’m standing backwards on a red rock 350 feet above ground in the middle of the desert near Moab, Utah about to rappell down. I’ve just scaled it’s thin side with 9 other campers and some guides. 1,138 more words

La Llorona's Cough


Last night
Upon leaving my studio by the river,
I heard La Llorona coughing in the tall weeds.
La Llorona, the Crying Woman,
Hesitates mid-sob to let out a whimpering cough, 170 more words